Information Technology (IT) Consultant

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Leave it to tech-savvy IT consultants to stay in the know on the hottest technology trends around. Ask what information systems or applications would work best to fit an organization’s needs and an IT consultant will put together a whole report within minutes!

While that may be a slight exaggeration, here’s a fact:  IT consultants are the ultimate problem solvers who juggle numerous tasks on any given day to help clients reduce costs, improve efficiency and make company tech more secure, effective and intuitive for all kinds of users.

If an organization needs to switch to a new email platform to cut costs, you can count on an IT consultant to think like a technician, project manager and an accountant all at the same time to take this task from start to finish.

While a large amount of IT consultants are self-employed, many also work for consulting firms such as Deloitte or Greenlight Consulting and organizations in industries like government, healthcare, retail and financial services.

With the ever-growing need for organizations to evolve their tech and make sure it can stand the test of time, you can be certain there won’t be a shortage of IT consultant jobs by the time you graduate high school.

Key Skills

If you like to take the lead in school projects and set goals for your team, analyze and solve hurdles along the way while communicating your ideas back to classmates – the career of an IT consultant might be perfect for you.

A Day in the Life

IT consultants juggle multiple tasks on any given day such as:

  • Meeting with clients to define technical requirements for a new project.
  • Examining existing company tech and making recommendations about ways to make it faster and smarter.
  • Staying organized by creating timelines for each project.
  • Training users on new tech while doing maintenance and troubleshooting to prevent any nasty bugs from creeping in!

Education Pathways

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Want to know if this career is right for you? Take our tech career quiz to find out!

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