IT Operator

IT operators are responsible for coordinating and maintaining IT tools for users.

Connected to:

  • Computer technician


IT operators take care of both the maintenance of IT tools and the coordination of their use throughout a company. Businesses count on IT operators to solve computer problems quickly and to produce reports on the resolution of these problems. Except for some functions, the roles of "Web technician" and "IT operator" are very similar. The main difference is that an IT operator is a network specialist and technician, while the Web technician specializes in the Internet.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide support to users and ensure they have the required information on how to use computing tools.
  • Operate and maintain computer tools.
  • Report any anomalies or failures in the operation of equipment and provide solutions that optimize computer use.
  • Keep a logbook on a range of solutions and advice for their use.
  • Ensure quality service for IT operations.

For People Who

  • Are knowledgeable about computer systems and their environment.
  • Understand the programs and software used by businesses.
  • Are problem solvers.
  • Know the different network protocols for transmission and retrieval of information between computers.
  • Can work under pressure and manage stress.
  • Are skilled in interpersonal relations.
  • Are team players.
  • Have excellent communications skills and are good listeners.
  • Adapt to a constantly evolving industry.
  • Have excellent oral and written communications skills in French and English.
  • Work well with little supervision.
  • Are detail oriented and follow instructions.
  • Have a strong customer focus.

Education Pathways

Several combinations of education and experience can lead to a career as an IT operator. These include:

Bachelor of Computer Science or other related university program.
College diploma in computer science or a related discipline.
Equivalent work experience.


Generally, companies require IT operators to have two years or less experience in the field of information technology.

Median Salary

$ 48 000
Source: Compensation TECHNOCompétences 2010

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