IT systems manager

IT systems managers play vital roles in managing, planning and implementing the computing and information resources today’s organizations need to meet their objectives.

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Systems administrator


IT systems managers ensure all the resources required for the delivery of computing and information services are functioning to their full potential.. Their roles include analyzing, implementing, operating and managing software, telecommunications, networks and computer systems through all phases of a life cycle. IT system managers are also responsible for the design and product testing of computer systems through to their implementation, including the evaluation of strategies for such elements as hardware, software and staffing.  Managers must be adept at problem solving and able to respond to unforeseen events that can have a direct impact on services to users.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, manage, monitor and evaluate the different activities related to computer systems and electronic processing of information.
  • Manage work teams responsible for ensuring the quality and operation of computer systems, software, telecommunications, networks and computer systems.
  • Train team members.
  • Establish rules and procedures to enable the proper implementation of IT systems.
  • Diagnose and provide solutions to recurring problems that require special attention.
  • Save and secure data and software.
  • Develop strategies and feasibility studies for the development of computer systems’ design.
  • Define and monitor quality standards and ensure compliance with them.

For People Who

  • Understand strategies for design and development of information technology and computing systems.
  • Know how to perform feasibility studies.
  • Know the characteristics of software development.
  • Understand and are able to provide user support and resolve problems related to the different uses of computing systems.
  • Know and apply the standards of network architecture.
  • Are knowledgeable about quality management, risk management, security and management of development and operations.
  • Are able to set standards, monitor and ensure compliance.
  • Are problem solvers.
  • Can work under pressure and manage stress.
  • Are skilled in interpersonal relations.
  • Are team players who communicate well with others and are good listeners.
  • Are accountable.
  • Work well with little supervision.
  • Have strong analytical and synthesis skills.
  • Are skilled in oral and written communication in French and English.
  • Can adapt to an industry that is constantly evolving.

Education Pathways

IT system managers can take several combinations of education and experience to enter their occupations. These can include:
Bachelor's degree in computer science, management information systems or software engineering.
A master's degree in computer science, engineering or business administration.


Generally, companies require a minimum of three years experience in the field of information technology with relevant experience in the type of activity specific to the company.

Median Salary

$ 83 000
Source: Emploi Québec, Information on the labor market

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