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Ge Wang has his dream job. He applies technology to music to unlock creativity in everyone. Ge is co-founder of Smule and inventor of the Ocarina app which turns the iPhone into a real flute. In this video Ge explains how Smule revolutionizes social music-making.

Big Things From Little Apps Developer

Beyond the iPhone flute, Smule is developing an orchestra of Smule-struments with apps like Magic Piano, Magic Fiddle, Magic Guitar and Leaf Trombone. There’s even a Glee Karaoke app. Smule also uses the iPhone for virtual jam sessions that let listeners anywhere in the world hear you play your compositions. Smule developers show how big things can come from little apps.


If you’re glued to your smartphone and are addicted to having the latest, greatest apps, there’s a place for you in the continually expanding world of app developers. First it was the web, then social media and now mobile apps mash up the best of all online worlds for smartphones and tablets. Apps include games, music, movies, videos and serious stuff too like business tools.

Mobile apps developers love to solve problems. If people want their email, calendar and real-time GPS location of friends in one app with the least number of screen taps, an app developer will figure it out. Mobile app developers are everywhere, in every industry, re-inventing the way smartphones and tablets are used.

When the Apple App Store first opened in June 2008 it sold 300 million apps in six months. Since then, downloads have gone past 15 billion! Take a stab at making your own mobile app for free at or

For people who

  • Are passionate about mobile apps
  • Love to solve problems with visual design and making things that work
  • Are able to translate creative vision into programming code
  • Find it easy to see code as valuable, real-world apps
  • Stay focused on challenges until they are solved
  • Have attention to detail for catching glitches and bugs

Education pathways

Mobile app developers often have a bachelor degree in computer science or software engineering. Courses are required in programming languages like Qt, Java, Python and Adobe Flash. Developers also mash up design courses in digital media or visual arts programs at universities and community colleges. In the same way Smule’s Ge Wang mashed up software education with his love for music, you can pursue your personal passion with a specialty apps career in sports, movies, health, games – or just about anything else! 


Everywhere in every industry, mobile apps developers are changing the way we live, work and play. Mobile apps developers are increasingly vital to corporate marketing and web teams. Others develop apps as freelancers or work for companies specializing in mobile apps like Xtreme Labs and Toronto’s Five Mobile (which has done work for Zynga, Facebook’s top gaming apps developer.) Larger companies have their own mobile apps teams – like IBM, BlackBerry, Cineplex, and Canada’s big banks. 

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