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A CareerMash interview with Lisa Dochstader, Systems Analyst at OpenText

Systems analysts are tech savvy problem solvers who find the most effective, efficient and convenient ways to implement software throughout organizations.

From government and consulting to finance and retail - you won’t find any industry that doesn’t rely on systems analysts to make sure they’re getting the most from software. That’s because systems analysts bridge the gap between non-techie users and tech professionals by communicating with both sides to produce new software programs or implement improvements to old ones that satisfy all of organizational tech requirements.

Many smaller organizations don’t differentiate between business analysts and systems analysts. Yet, there is one key difference between these two professions that calls for different skill sets:

Business analysts decide what the system will do.

Systems analysts decide how the system will do it.

While business analysts think about how implementing a new technology will benefit the business, systems analysts gauge whether implementing that new system is technically possible.

Systems analysts also assess code that runs software programs and pinpoint any glitches or bugs. While they’re usually not the ones fixing coding issues, they combine their analytical talents with the technical know-how to guide programmers and software developers in fixing information systems.

Key Skills

  • Analytical
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration, communication and writing
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability

Education Paths

Sheridan College promises an employment success rate of 100% to graduates of their Computer Systems Technology-Systems Analyst program. It not only provides students with a thorough technical understanding of different systems, but also explains how modern tech compliments businesses and makes them function better.

If you’re looking to get a university degree consider Business Technology Management (BTM) programs offered at many universities across Ontario that teach state-of-the-art systems analyst skills. BTM is an initiative of the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills, the organization behind CareerMash.

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