Tech Marketing

If Facebook were a nation, it’d be the third largest in the world!  Watch why the power of social media is fast becoming one of the top selling tools for tech marketers.

Buzz Marketer

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube started out as fun ways to share with friends but they’ve exploded into powerful tools that allow tech marketers to create viral buzz for their products and services. Buzz marketers want to get their products in front of Twitter’s 200 million accounts  and Facebook’s 700 million users. With 40 million Facebook fans  and 12 million Twitter followers, Lady Gaga knows how to create some serious marketing buzz!  


Tech marketing careers include a wide variety of activities such as strategy, product launches, market research, media campaigns, event management, competitive intelligence, design, copywriting, and web or mobile apps. Social media means constant change, challenging marketers to creatively blend traditional advertising with digital approaches like location-based mobile apps, friend-to-friend recommendations, 3D virtual stores, YouTube videos, web apps and real-time Twitter feeds.

It’s an exciting time to be a tech marketer – a fun way to turn your social media addiction into a career.  

For people who

  • Understand the role tech plays in changing the world
  • Can translate tech into practical benefits
  • Are great listeners who understand what customers need from IT
  • Are creative communicators online, offline and in person
  • Also have excellent analytical and strategic abilities
  • Have strong sales and people skills
  • Work well across technical and non-technical teams

Education pathways

Tech marketing professionals take a wide variety of educational paths. For example, York’s business administration degree program has an information technology marketing stream while Humber’s business administration offers an e-business marketing focus.

Tech marketers mash up information technology, computer science or software with a diploma or certificate in a marketing specialty like web design or search engine optimization (SEO). They also take degrees in communications or business and gain tech expertise with a diploma or certificate related to information technology. Many also have an MBA.

To have a successful career in marketing, it’s also a good idea to get some hands-on sales experience.


Any company can have a great product or service, but its success relies on creative marketing to reach the most potential customers. Many big tech firms have several marketing teams. Some are dedicated to specific products, others to services, while others promote the corporate brand or handle advertising. In smaller companies the marketing teams get to do everything. This is a great way for graduates to gain experience in several aspects of marketing like brand strategy, social media, blogging, copywriting and market research.


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