Tech product and service sales

With electricity erratic and costly in remote villages of India, microtelecom provider VNL is providing mobile communications through solar power.

ICT visionaries

Since 1970, greenhouse gas emissions increased 70 percent. ICT accounts for 2.5 percent of energy use. With energy costs skyrocketing, ICT products and services can dramatically improve efficiency across computing devices, networks and data centres. For example, Facebook’s new data centre is the most energy efficient in the world thanks to its huge solar array. 

ICT sales leaders are visionaries. They put together the products and services that can improve the environment and productivity while helping overcome devastating poverty, health and education issues. 


People in tech product and services sales careers get excited about what the latest, greatest innovations can do for their customers.  There’s sophisticated software to model any operation to minimize energy use. Or, telecommuting products and services that take cars off the road by allowing employees to work as productively at home as in the office.

Tech sales specialists take a passion for all things ICT and skilfully translate it into compelling, real-world benefits that non-techie decision makers can understand.  They don’t just sell widgets and wires. They change the world with one technology at a time.

For people who

  • Are excited by the ways technology can make change happen
  • Have a talent for translating technical jargon into real-world benefits
  • Understand the value technology can provide to all types of organizations
  • Enjoy being out and about meeting customers
  • Excel at building relationships based on trust

Education pathways

Tech sales professionals mash up their skillsets through a variety of educational paths – business, technology, humanities and social sciences. Recognizing the demand for tech experts across all industry sectors, York University offers several specialties in liberal arts and professional studies in information technology.  Streams include communications, health industry, management, e-commerce and business systems. Ryerson offers the Business Technology Management program as part of its Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Sales professionals also come from community college programs in information technology which can mash up with courses in business systems management, operations, engineering technology, Internet applications or health informatics.


Mash up a personal interest in healthcare, education, government or hospitality with a tech background to sell telecommunications services and products with Ericsson, Bell, Cisco or BlackBerry.  Or, join the sales function in business software companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intuit or Corel. 


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