Tech Project Manager

All organizations rely on tech project managers to steer projects from start to finish – on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

Find out what a project manager does at Electronic Arts, the world’s largest producer of video games like Harry Potter and Reckoning.

Captains of Tech

Every organization tries to do three things: get projects done quickly, to a high standard of quality, at minimal cost. But the fact is, you can’t have it all. Businesses may be battling soaring energy costs or cheaper overseas competitors. Government-funded sectors like education and healthcare struggle to maintain quality services with tight budgets. Project managers in these organizations navigate an often complex course that trades off cost, risk, staff and deadlines to bring a project home on time, on budget and on target to a set of realistic objectives.  


Tech project managers are natural leaders and planners. They like nothing better than to be given objectives for a new technology or software, then be left to design, plan and manage the implementation start to finish.  They mash up broad technical knowledge with project leadership techniques and practical business sense to turn an organization’s tech plans into reality.

Project managers are often invisible to outsiders, but the results of their talents appear everywhere – be it in delivering products to retailer shelves just in time for a spring promotion or driving energy savings and costs out of information systems with cloud computing.

For people who

  • Are resourceful and creative
  • Have strong team building, leadership and planning skills
  • Are analytical problem solvers
  • Thrive under pressure and manage stress well
  • Are motivational team leaders
  • Cn juggle multiple tasks at once
  • Collaborate well across technical and non technical teams
  • Are excellent communicators

Education pathways

Tech project managers come into their roles from a wide variety of educational pathways that mash up business and technology. The Business Technology Management program is an excellent way to prepare for a job or career in project management. Many colleges offer Project Management certificates – for example, Humber’s School of Applied Technology and Sheridan’s Faculty of Business.

Associations and institutes also provide training leading to certification such as the Project Management Association of Canada and the globally recognized PMI certification from the Canadian Management Centre.


Tech project managers find jobs in all sectors whether banking, airlines, telecom, retail, government, hospitals or universities.  They also work for companies that provide project consulting and services.


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