Technical director (video games)


A technical director represents the bridge between the dream for a video game and its final reality by determining if a project is technically possible.

Connected to:

  • Animation director
  • Modeling director


The technical director is responsible for establishing a link between the artistic vision of the game and its technical implementation. Technical directors are also responsible for developing new techniques to overcome obstacles during the production of the game.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure product consistency by negotiating among the various stakeholders such as programmers who are working on the technical design of a game.
  • Conduct research and find innovative ways to complete the technical aspects of a project while providing support to team members.
  • Work together with the project manager, art director and designer to ensure consistency when setting the technical guidelines to follow for the design of a game. 
  • Supervise the technical aspects to find areas where product quality might be improved.

For People Who

  • Are expert in programming languages and software used to produce the artistic and technical platforms for games.
  • Understand various 3D software tools.
  • Are bilingual.
  • Are persuasive and good at explaining ideas.
  • Have excellent technical and management skills.
  • Are accountable.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Are deadline oriented and able to achieve high levels of performance.
  • Are excellent team players.
  • Have strong analytical and synthesis skills.
  • Are adaptable and flexible.
  • Have strong internal and external customer focus.
  • Are skilled project managers.
  • Work well under pressure.

Education Pathways

Several combinations of education and experience can lead to a career as a technical director for video games. These include:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer engineering, art history or related disciplines.
  • College diploma in technical integration of multimedia, 3D animation or related disciplines.


  • Approximately five years experience in: programming for the electronic game industry; or the production of graphical environments; or animation and modeling.
  • Experience supervising the creative process of artists.

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