Video game tester

Video game testers get to be the first players of new games but their idea of fun is making sure every element of the game works as planned, without any bugs or errors.


A video game tester is responsible for testing new games to find vulnerabilities and errors. They ensure that the final marketed product meets the highest levels of quality..

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Test the game by playing its intermediate and final phases to detect anomalies.
  • Prepare reports of "bugs" to bring to the attention of stakeholders and artistic technicians.
  • Check out whether "bugs" detected are found in different levels or in different versions of the game.

For People Who

  • Know video games and have played several types of games on different consoles.
  • Are bilingual.
  • Are acutely observant and pay great attention to detail.
  • Are patient and can tolerate repetitive tasks.
  • Are passionate about games and have expert player abilities.
  • Are excellent oral and written communicators.
  • Have strong analytical and synthesis skills.
  • Are adaptable and flexible.
  • Have good project management skills.
  • Have good interpersonal skills.
  • Are able to work under pressure.
  • Think critically.

Education Pathways

No specific qualification is required to become a game tester. However, applicants must at least have a DES.  Candidates with a background connected to the gaming industry are preferred.


• Previous experience in the field of video gaming desirable, such as a summer job in the industry.


Submitted by shannon (not verified) on

<p>hi my name is shannon and i'm from newfoundland Canada and
i'm into video games such as playstation 4 and i would like to become a video game tester.

Submitted by Natalie on

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for your question. Currently, there is no specific education that is needed to become a video game tester. However, you must at least have a DES and a strong background and experience in gaming. This may change in the future, so keep up with your research!


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