Web developer/Web programmer

Web developers build websites from scratch and improve existing ones to support the latest, greatest trends in web technologies. Whatever you do online - from sharing with friends on Facebook to shopping with your favorite retailer - there’s a creative web developer at work  behind the scenes to make the site better.

Connected to:

  • Programmer
  • Interactive media programmer


Web developers or programmers construct, improve and modify all the page coding that make up websites on the Internet or a company’s intranet. They also design and integrate computer code on websites to ensure elements such as content, graphics and multimedia perform as designed and are secure.  As well, developers apply special scripting language to achieve design objectives such as specific colors, textures, special effects or animation. Support of website users and providing documentation for the website’s operation is often part of a web developer’s role.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify technical problems and procedures and communicate their applicable solutions.
  • Design, develop and improve websites.
  • Participate in collecting information for documents related to the use of computer programs.
  • Document the use and maintenance of all software and programs.
  • Work with software programmers, integrators, multimedia and web designers.
  • Ensure quality of products and services according to standards, processes and procedures.
  • Perform various tests on products and services.
  • Use good programming techniques to ensure a stable web environment.
  • Design the navigation got websites.

For People Who

  • Know the different web languages.
  • Know programming languages and databases as well as their capabilities and technical limitations.
  • Know the different network protocols and file transfer protocols for the transmission and retrieval of information between computers.
  • Are skilled in graphic design and interfaces.
  • Understand design tools for PC or Mac multimedia environments.
  • Know typography and design programming.
  • Know the navigational principles of web browsing.
  • Understand the approaches used to develop, integrate and implement websites.
  • Are always looking for new trends and technologies.
  • Work well with minimal supervision and take personal initiative.
  • Are open to new ideas.
  • Are detail oriented and patient.
  • Are accountable.
  • Manage stress well.
  • Are team players.
  • Are skilled problem solvers.
  • Have strong analytical, organizational and planning skills.
  • Have strong skills in oral and written communications in French and English.

Education Pathways

Several combinations of education and experience can lead to a career as a web developer or programmer. These include:

Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, graphic design, multimedia integration or equivalent training in programming.
College diploma in computer science, multimedia integration, or a related discipline.
Equivalent experience.


Generally, companies require two years or less experience in the field of information technology and relevant experience in the type of activity specific to what the company requires of a web developer or programmer.

Median Salary

$ 55 000
Source: Compensation TECHNOCompétences 2010

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