Find your Career Mashup!


Think about this – how much time do you spend every day online socializing, playing games doing homework or just surfing around? Basically, you’re involved in tech more than you realize because you take those digital skills for granted. 

Now think about your personal interests – art? sports? fashion? And, yes, even shopping counts!

What if you could learn to expand those tech skills you use every day into a professional talent and combine them with a personal passion like art, sports or retail to create your dream career? 

Can’t you just hear your friends and parents asking – how will you ever make a living? Where are the jobs in that?? Tell them - everywhere!!

Cool career mashups in tech + (your personal interest) are one the fastest growing employment areas around because the role of technology in our personal, social and business lives is expanding with each new capability for how tech is used. You don’t have to be geeky either to mash up tech with a personal interest.

Employers today are looking for well-rounded skills in university and college graduates. They’re looking for talent that really “gets” what tech can do and what its potential is to drive an organization or company’s goals forward. But just as important, they want new hires to have an understanding of tech combined with really strong basic skills like the ability to take initiative, write, communicate, think strategically, be creative, collaborate with others and take a project from its planning stage to successful completion.

To help you start planning for an in-demand tech career that matches your personal interests, check out the CareerMash profiles below to find out where the hot jobs are as well as suggestions for post-secondary education programs.

Art and Tech

If you think “art” and “well-paid career” don’t belong in the same sentence, just add tech to the mix and pick from a staggering array of career choices. Art and tech mash up to produce so many eye-popping creations today, we forget there are real people behind the scenes, constantly working on new ways to catch our attention with snazzy graphic web designs or immerse us in imaginary 3D worlds.

Crime Solving and Tech

Prepare for a meaningful career combining tech with solving crimes where you can help save innocent lives through such skills as computer science, robotics, digital forensics and more.

Education and Tech

Calling all learning junkies interested in mashing up education and technology! Your A+ digital ideas can help students learn and teachers teach in totally new ways through a career that promises to open new tech frontiers in education for a long time to come.

Entrepreneur and Tech

Transforming a business dream into reality while being the boss of you, is what lights the fire under tech entrepreneurs.  Not everyone will be as wildly successful as Steve Jobs with Apple or Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook. But greatness is possible if you dream big and don’t give up.

Fashion and Tech

Forget about hand-drawn sketches and hours spent sewing. Fashion and tech careers are now combining style with new trends like wearable gadgets and 3D printing to instantly create your own designs. 

Health and Tech

Tech and health are mashing up big time today to do incredible things like making huge amounts of medical data available quickly and allowing doctors to treat distant patients through robotics. You don’t need to be a doctor to save lives!

Humanities and Tech

Digital humanities mash up age-old disciplines like history and philosophy with the benefits of computing technologies to create tech careers in new areas like libraries, museums, government and university research centres.

Music and Tech

From audio engineers to digital marketers, there are numerous opportunities for you to mash up tech with music. Because computers play a huge role in creating music today, there is a high demand for people with different kinds of tech skills.

Retail and Tech

Want to shop ‘til you drop – or help people shop ‘til they drop? Mash up your love of shopping with a tech career in retail where a wide range of technologies is changing how we shop faster than you can say - where did you get that outfit!?

Sports and Tech

What if you could help a hockey player take the best shot? Make an Olympic athlete swim even faster? Design an innovative piece of sports equipment that changes a game completely? You can do all these things and much more when you mash up a sports and tech career.