From building airplanes to blasting robotic arms into space aboard space shuttle missions, the more than 500 companies and 87,000 employees who make up Canada’s aerospace industry do just about everything that has anything to do with flying.

Financial Services

Money is pure information: checking your bank account or using PayPal to buy something can happen electronically. The tech career options in financial services are limitless.


IT has also become huge in health care because it saves so much time in the collection, storage and retrieval of information.

ICT & ICT Services

ICT (information & communications technology) & ICT Services is also known as the tech sector or IT Industry. If you are passionate about technology and how it can change the world, think about a career in the tech sector! There are many ways to be part of it.

Medical Devices

Few industries have the potential to impact the health of our lives now and into the future as much the increasing use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in the medical devices sector.

Music and Tech

From audio engineers to digital marketers, there are numerous opportunities for you to mash up tech with music. Because computers play a huge role in creating music today, there is a high demand for people with different kinds of tech skills.


Retail IT professionals constantly strive to make life simpler for shoppers. In fact, the retail industry leads the pack in its innovative use of tech to keep prices low and customers happy.


Can you imagine a whole day without mobile phone service, the Internet, Facebook or cable TV? You don’t have to thanks to telecommunications professionals who have careers in one of the most exciting and constantly changing industries on the planet.

Video Gaming

A global leader in the video gaming industry, Canada has a reputation for being a source of highly skilled talent. Canada’s video gaming industry has the third largest number of employees in the world after Japan and the U.S..