Adi Morun, Tech Product Manager

Modern Datacenter Product Manager, Microsoft Canada


As a math and business graduate of the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, Adi Morun has always been good at crunching numbers. Add his ambitious drive to the mix of business and tech, and it’s no mystery why he’s enjoying a booming career at Microsoft Canada at the age of 25.

“I love technology because it provides me with an open environment to create, build and innovate at my own pace and on my own terms,” Adi says.

Adi’s Business and Tech Mashup

Adi started full-time work at Microsoft through the Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) two-year program. MACH gives undergraduates the hands-on job experience they need to grow their career and ultimately land a full-time job at Microsoft.

Adi’s father is a senior software developer at a Toronto start-up Thalmic Labs. He instilled high achievement standards and the drive for perfection into Adi from a young age. “My dad works for a company that aims to revolutionize human-computer interaction as we know it – he is my inspiration every day,” Adi says.

Today, Adi is the product manager for Microsoft’s initiative to transform traditional data centers around the world into a hybrid cloud platform with the Microsoft Modern Data Center software.

“My job requires a mashup of business and tech skills – I need to have a deep understanding of how we can leverage all data, analytical tools and business/marketing knowledge to understand our market and competitive landscape and be able to design the right go-to-market strategies to get our products into the marketplace” Adi says.

A day in the life

As the amount of data is growing exponentially every day, employees need to have faster and more effective access to information required to do their jobs. That’s where Adi comes in as a product manager and evangelist for Microsoft’s Modern Datacenter. Adi works with his teams to spread the word about the software through various marketing campaigns including social media and public relations initiatives.

“My job relies heavily on working with the sales and finance departments to analyze the metrics that can help us understand how to sell the Modern Datacenter software more effectively across Canada. I manage my products end to end and support the sales and channel teams to make sure they have all the resources they need to be successful,” Adi says.

Adi’s educational background in math helps him make sense of the numbers when he works with sales and finance departments. “My business background helps me understand how sales impact an organization, how to build marketing campaigns and keep teams driving forward in ambitious ways that result in more sales,” says Adi.

Why Adi’s job rocks

“Microsoft provides me with the right guidance, mentorship and training to learn something new every day. I work as if it’s my own business, except it’s in a larger organization. The very complex business environment and technical products help me develop new capabilities, giving me a good grip on both business and tech skills needed within the technology industry,” Adi says.

Road Map

  • Adi completed a double degree in mathematics and business in a joint program between the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University. While in university, Adi completed five co-ops including one at Ericsson, one at Oliver Wyman Consulting and three co-ops at Microsoft.
  • He worked part-time at Microsoft on business management and marketing strategy. He also led and developed marketing analytics for three groups: developers, IT professionals and technical students. During this time, he graduated university.
  • Adi had an opportunity to continue his career in consulting but chose to join Microsoft’s MACH program instead as a solution specialist.
  • After MACH, Adi moved on to managing teams of inside sales reps and co-op students at Microsoft.
  • In July 2013, Adi started a new role as Modern Datacenter Product Manager at Microsoft.

Tips for success

  • Get creative – Adi is glad that he took took several computer science courses at the University of Waterloo, from information management systems to software engineering. “You can mash up your career with anything you want! There’s no better combo than technology and business – you can build something yourself and know how to market and sell it.”
  • Build soft skills – “I wish I had developed my communication, presentation and public speaking skills more in high school - those will make you better in university and better in the workforce.”
  • Aim for MACH – Adi highly recommends the MACH program. “If you want to be creative and empowered, this program is for you. Microsoft is amazing in how it treats its employees, especially new grads.”
  • Invest in your education “To get to where I am now, I made an investment in my education and made very conscious career choices. I’m very fortunate but also very deliberate - I never miss an opportunity to grow.”

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