Adrian Bulzacki, Tech Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur, Digital Media Zone
Founder, ARB Labs Inc.

Choosing one accomplishment is difficult for Adrian: he has so many to choose from! He’s especially proud of a recent invention – the world’s only semi-transparent, frameless touch screen. It’s an iPad-like touch screen embedded into a large piece of glass. Adrian believes there won’t be a competitor for this product for several years to come, which gives him a huge opportunity to launch a marketplace winner...

But that’s not all. Adrian has plans for a touch screen that needs no glass at all – it’s a floating interactive image suspended in thin air.

Adrian's CareerMash

An entrepreneur, Adrian develops interactive display products and 3D displays with his background in electronic engineering and computer science. He’s put that education into practice by marketing products to various industries, including film & television and oil & gas. TV companies want interactive, touchable TV news tickers, while oil and gas companies need 3D technologies for better research on greenhouse gas reduction.

Adrian foresees several projects right out of science fiction: bendable displays, cell phones that wrap around your wrist, and downloadable household items such as lamps or children’s toys.


Adrian completed a bachelor and masters of science in electronic and computer engineering, and is currently completing his PhD in electrical and computer engineering. Coming largely from an engineering background, his computer skills are self-taught. That’s given him the foundation to start his company (ARB Labs Inc.) while still in school.

Tips for Success

Think outside the box: “Whenever I struggle in school, or had a hard time doing something, it was because I was forced to conform to a standard”, Adrian says. Don’t be limited by what others tell you is or is not possible – think outside the box, and test the limits for yourself!


  • ARB Labs
  • Digitial Media Zone (DMZ) at Ryerson University: DMZ is a workplace designed for young entrepreneurs, infused with the energy and resources of downtown Toronto. It’s a place where students and alumni come to innovate, collaborate and market their products and services, and where commercial enterprises can turn to for progressive and creative digital solutions.