Amanda Williams, Technical Analyst


Technical Analyst, Pre-Production Services, Royal Bank of Canada

A tech analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Amanda Williams is just starting her career in communications and tech. But she’s already passionate about tech careers and loves inspiring other women by working with RBC’s Women in Technology & Operations committee.


Having graduated from university just four years ago, Amanda understands how hard the job search can be for new grads, and the crucial role that networking plays in landing your first job. After all, it was Amanda’s drive and excellent communication skills that impressed RBC managers and got her the tech communications job at the bank.

“Unfortunately, I went through university not knowing much about what careers are out there – holding a tech role at RBC was definitely not something I would have imagined at that time,” Amanda says.

Now, Amanda is learning tech from different angles within RBC’s Pre-Production Services (PPS) department, which is the premier provider of IT Development and Quality Assurance environments that are used for testing RBC’s hottest new technologies. For instance, one of the environments developed in PPS department is Perfecto Mobile, which tests new mobile apps before they go live for employees and the public to use.

Amanda is also passionate about inspiring other women to reach their career dreams in tech. That’s why she recently joined the Women in Technology and Operations (WiTO) Committee at RBC, which encourages women in the tech field to reach their full potential through numerous development programs.

Amanda’s Education Path

  • Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Communications, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) and professional writing, along with a certificate in Digital Communications from a co-joined program between the University of Toronto and Sheridan College in 2009.
  • Sheridan College degree component provided training in digital tech areas such as web design, online shopping and multimedia.

Why this job rocks

  • The job changes with each new technological innovation, allowing me to take on different tasks, learn and discover new talents, and simply have fun at work.”
  • “The most challenging part of my job is getting used to the tech jargon used by my colleagues. While it’s hard to keep up at times, it’s also highly beneficial because I learn a new tech term or process every day.”

Amanda’s work at RBC

Amanda loves how the fast pace of tech innovation continuously enriches her job by requiring her to learn and master new skills. Amanda works on the Pre-Production Services team which host the environments that provide global, on-demand, production-aligned IT applications for over 3400 clients in the RBC Development and Quality Assurance. They test hot new technologies before they are launched within RBC’s many different divisions.

These technologies include desktops, laptops, tablets, iPad’s, new mobile apps, and virtual cloud environments such as virtual servers and virtual desktops used to test RBC applications.

”Our bi-weekly meetings with SoftChoice Corporation are about the hottest new hardware and software on the market. These meetings help keep our team focused and enable us to gauge what next tech innovation we require in our Test Lab” Amanda says.

As a part of the Business Change and Asset Management team within Pre-Production Services, Amanda’s responsibilities include being accountable for the Hardware Life Cycle such as: daily management of an accurate inventory of assets, forecasting, purchasing, and coordination of equipment located in Pre-Production Services (PPS) managed environments. She also assists and maintains the internal staff communications for social events, the planning of Town Hall Sessions, and works on a quarterly/ yearly audit to ensure the labs’ inventory is at 100%.

Amanda’s Career Tips

  • Consider a tech career - “You don’t have to be the most tech-savvy person to work in a tech career - as long as you ask the right questions, have ‘outside the box’ thinking and a set of skills that makes you stand out from the crowd - you can pick up most of your tech expertise on the job.”
  • Get a Career Mentor“RBC offers a mentorship program that allows you to be coached one-on-one with someone experienced from the company. I highly recommend getting involved in mentoring as it has helped me define skills, career goals, and has given me over-all confidence to continue my career in IT.”
  • Start exploring careers early - “I really wish someone gave me this advice while I was still in university. That way I would have tailored my program to better fit my career aspirations.”
  • Experience + network = career - Get a co-op or an internship in a company you admire while you’re still in school. In your spare time, attend networking events to meet industry professionals – these people usually make the biggest difference on your career.”
  • Have fun with whatever you do - “I’ve been working as a Luxury Suite Hostess at the Rogers Centre since university and I still keep that job not only because it’s super fun but it also gives me many opportunities to network with professionals in different industries.”

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