Arjun Kumar, Tech Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO, KELA Medical Inc

“In Canada, physicians are responsible for patient information. My business uses technology to reverse this, so that people get control of their own medical records.”

Arjun’s CareerMash

KELA Medical LogoArjun Kumar has created a smart card that patients use to carry their medical information with them at all times. Blending business, technology and medical know-how, Arjun launched a successful business in the growing field of e-health.

Today, doctors are in charge of patient information. KELA is aiming to create a parallel system, where people carry their health information such as x-rays, ultrasounds, and prescription records on a card that’s the size of a driver’s license. No matter where you travel in Canada, you will have up to date, accurate information in case of emergency, or if you just want to take your x-rays to a new doctor for a second opinion.

A day in the life

Arjun spends a lot of time on the road pitching his business in high-level meetings with banks, governments, and physicians. When a clinic joins the KELA card system, he spends several days on site to ensure the information is transferred properly. “There’s a real market demand for this product, so I never know where I’ll be next. I’m always looking for ways to expand the business model, and this means working outside the office quite often,” Arjun says.

Why this job rocks

Working at the intersection of business, technology, and medicine means being at the forefront of creative problem solving. By and large, the medical industry has yet to digitize patient records, so there’s lots of opportunity for growth and innovation!


Having worked part time in a clinic since the age of 14, Arjun began teaching himself about technology and computers in the medical context. After completing a bachelor of science in human biology and physiology from the University of Toronto, starting a medical IT company was a logical step. Arjun is now focused on building his business.

Tips for success

  • Push yourself: “Unfortunately, the real world is tougher than school, so you’ve got to stay on top of things and constantly push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone,” Arjun says. Put your ambition and passion into practice!
  • Think fresh: “In the emerging market of healthcare IT, youth and knowledge outweigh experience,” Arjun says. Young new grads have an excellent chance of success, since most people in the industry are 10-20 years in the business. Use your age and tech know-how to ‘wow’ the old crowd!