Daniel Hebert, IT Services Director

Director, IT Infrastructure Services – Bombardier

“Students need to understand that today’s hot IT jobs have a major business component. Demand for jobs like mine is exploding!”

Daniel’s CareerMash

‘IT infrastructure’ is the network of people, programs and software that links Bombardier’s Montreal headquarters with its sites all over the world. It’s Daniel’s job to manage these tech resources, and manage the people who plan and design new web technology, servers, databases, and the construction of new networks.

Keeping a global company like Bombardier connected is a big job, and Daniel has to plan its IT needs based on the financial and business needs of the company’s various departments. In other words, he is essentially a businessperson who is fully fluent in technology, and applies both these skill sets on the job. His job allows others to connect and communicate more effectively across a large network of production sites.

A day in the life

Daniel splits his days in Montreal between managing people and tech teams, and planning future IT projects. Daniel often travels overseas to Bombardier’s manufacturing sites in Europe, Mexico, and China to implement and follow up on projects. Parts of a Bombardier airplane or train come from several countries at once. So tech networks are critical for effective communications.

Why this job rocks

  • Travel: Be part of today’s global economy, traveling all over the world for work!
  • Variety: One day you’ll be in a high-level business meeting, the next you’ll be working with tech teams on the latest project. This job allows you to blend these two skills.


Daniel received a diploma in electronic engineering at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. To diversify his tech experience, he went on to get a diploma in computer engineering at École Polytechnique in Montreal. Adding some business education to the mix, Daniel took several year-long courses in project management before joining Bombardier.

Speed Bumps

Daniel has seen several new grads begin work at Bombardier and quickly become overwhelmed with the work environment. “When you get into a workplace, you have to realize that a lot of work has been done already”, he says. In other words, take your time to learn what’s been done before and make sure to learn from your mistakes.

Tips for Success

  • Communicate: Across cultures and continents, aerospace and train manufacturing is a truly global work environment. If you come from a tech-heavy background, take a course in communications or writing – something you might not be comfortable doing, but essential for a job like Daniel’s.
  • Be proactive: Employers love nothing more than when new hires are eager to jump into tough problems, and find solutions where they don’t yet exist. So take the initiative and prove yourself a capable outside-the-box thinker!