Daniela Crivianu-Gaita, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Medical Informatics Maven
VP & Chief Information Officer (CIO), The Hospital for Sick Children

Daniela combines science, art and technology to help sick kids get better.

"I am passionate about my job! Each day my teams and I help kids get healthier through cutting-edge IT, the latest medical devices. and up-to-date information. My work is cool because I get to work with talented professionals in a vibrant, world-class health facility that values creative, out-of-the-box thinking."

Daniela's CareerMash

"In collaboration with a tech team of 250 people as well as technology suppliers, I select, acquire, install, configure and maintain the best technologies for the hospital’s needs.
These leading-edge technologies range from hardware related to networks, computers, laptops and printers to specialized applications related to tracking patients, accounting, and salaries. I also take care of specialized medical devices like ultrasound machines, blood processing devices and even hospital beds."

A day in the life

"A typical day offers chances to meet with a wide and interesting array of people including staff, technology suppliers, and other healthcare organizations. SickKids has a vibrant workplace culture. Even when we are tackling difficult problems in health care delivery, there is a fun, positive dynamic among team members.  If I am not in a meeting room, I am at my desk writing emails, instant messaging or talking on the phone. I walk around the hospital to see how doctors and nurses work and use tech tools in their jobs. Observation helps me understand what I can do to help. Since SickKids is a world leader in care delivery to children, I sometimes travel across North America as well as Europe and Asia to visit similar hospitals or health tech suppliers."


  • Bachelor and Masters degrees in computer science


"Combining science and art to find the best solution to a problem is the biggest challenge. Technology is constantly evolving (as are medical discoveries and treatments) and it is crucial to understand the latest developments. I have to use strong technical knowledge as well as analytical skills to quickly come up with creative solutions to unique problems in the delivery of care. There is always a solution to each problem and my job is to find it!"

Why this job rocks

"I love my job – working at one of the world’s best children’s hospitals is very rewarding. At the end of each day I know my work helps make the lives of kids a little better. The work itself is great because you must first try to understand a particular problem and then you get to check out cutting-edge technologies to decide which ones best meet the particular need in question. I arrived in IT because I wanted to see concrete results by applying science to problems."

"When I was a student, there was a lot of talk about computers becoming part of all industries and fields. After my masters degree in computer science, I tried out jobs in several industries. When I finally landed in a hospital, I discovered medical informatics, a fascinating field at the intersection of computer science, medical science, process engineering and data management. I have never looked back!"

Tips for success

  • The most important skill for this job is a positive attitude!
  • This work is great for people who appreciate the challenge of coming up with the best solution to a problem.
  • Everyone should look more closely at information and technology careers!
  • Computer programming is only a small part of a much larger IT field that includes medical informatics.