Eden Full, Solar Tech Entrepreneur


Eden Full’s video interview with Forbes when she was 19

Following a tech dream of efficient solar energy – Eden Full

“You don’t have to be smart or a genius to make your most ambitious goals happen. Every student is capable of transforming his or her childhood interest into a lifelong passion. My story should not be this unique.”  Eden Full, solar tech inventor

When Eden Full was nine years old, she built a solar car from a toy store kit. That simple car kit lit Eden’s passion for solar energy and inspired her vision to make solar technology more accessible and affordable for everyone.

By the age of 19, Eden was receiving international recognition for her invention the SunSaluter. It’s an inexpensive rotator gadget designed to generate up to 40% more electricity from each solar panel by keeping it turned towards the sun all day like a sunflower! Because many developing regions don’t have electricity, the SunSaluter powers itself with the sun (of course!)

Eden has even founded her own company - Roseicollis Technologies Inc. - to develop and take her new solar technology to markets around the world. The SunSaluter has been deployed in two pilot projects in Kenya with planned implementations for Peru and southern India.

Eden’s Tech Résumé

At age 20, Eden Full’s tech entrepreneur résumé has more high-profile achievements than most people twice her age –

Eden’s 'How To' Advice

  • “I firmly believe the most effective method to gain the necessary skills for starting your initiative – whatever it may be – is to dive straight into it and just execute. You will pick up the right abilities along the way.”
  • “If you have a very lofty goal, start small and work towards that before tackling your bigger dream.”
  • “Most importantly, I learned through experiences of self-exploration to never give up, never take no for an answer from adults and look beyond what was obvious in my everyday life because the best opportunities are always hidden.”

Eden’s Tech Education Journey

  • At age 10, Eden won a bronze medal for “Make Way for Solar Cars!” at the 2002 Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF) which evaluated how the brightness of a lightbulb affected a miniature solar car’s performance. Competed at the CYSF eight times, won six gold medals, earning trips to Canada Wide Science Fair and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
  • Graduated John G. Diefenbaker High School, Calgary, Alberta with an International Baccalaureate diploma.
  • Studied mechanical engineering at Princeton University.

Follow Eden’s tech entrepreneur career progress on her website at Passion Prevails and on Twitter @roseicollistech.