Edward Kiledjian, Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer, Bombardier Aerospace

“Bombardier allows for a great work-life balance, so I can spend time with my family, and pursue my hobby of deep-sea diving and shark spotting. Passion is a way of life for me!”

Edward's CareerMash

Before his promotion to chief information security officer, Edward was a manager for Bombardier's outsourcing services and negotiations. In that role, he was responsible for the full life cycle of contract negotiations for large and complex IT and business process outsourcing deals. These deals are an integral part of Bombardier’s overall IT roadmap and their successful delivery is critical to Bombardier’s success.  Edward knows the basics of computer technology, but also has a strong footing in business issues, such as contract negotiations, law, finance, accounting and project management. As a skilled communicator, he  can speak the language of the tech world and translate the issues to business executives at the same time. Bombardier is the third largest manufacturer of airplanes in the world, so you can imagine how much work goes into keeping all those people in the air!

A day in the life

Keep your passport handy - Edward works out of Bombardier's headquarters in downtown Montreal. He conducts meetings, does research and analysis, but occasionally travels to production sites in Canada, the US, and Europe. Bombardier builds complex, computerized machines such as planes and trains. These projects can last 3-5 years - so he has to be prepared to handle several large projects at the same time.

Why this job rocks

When Edward sees planes and trains, flying through the sky or speeding through the countryside carrying thousands of people every day, he feels proud that his work and expertise helped make it happen. Bombardier's end-products are the coolest part of the job.

As a communicator between management and IT services, Edward interacts and shares ideas with hundreds of people, all experts in their fields. It's a rewarding and stimulating environment.


  • Masters in business administration (MBA), from Heriot-Watt University (UK).
  • Spent 15 years gaining IT experience , with General Electric, Hewlett Packard, and Air Canada among others.

Speed Bumps

When you work between the tech and business worlds, time management is crucial. With projects that may last for up to five years, hundreds of sub-tasks need attention, some technical and some non-technical. Edward advises to “manage your emotions – don't get angry, get creative” – in other words, use the challenge of a busy schedule to do some creative problem solving.

Tips for success

While the outlook for this kind of career is positive, Edward warns that there is “no class in school that would make you a good candidate.” In other words:

  • Be open: As a student, be well-rounded and open to many different kinds of experiences.
  • Be passionate: Do what you love to do. You need to be passionate about your work to be happy!
  • Be independent: Don't let anyone make decisions for you. Don't be limited by your parents or pressures from society. You are responsible for your career so do your own “homework”.