Florian Bors, Computer Science

problem-solvers set up, fix and answer everyone’s questions about technology.Systems Support Technician, ComputerTalk
Professor of computer programming and networking, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, Centennial College

“I like having knowledge about computers - something that everyone uses but rarely understands. I feel useful and helpful to society”


Florian has worked in several departments at ComputerTalk. He started in quality assurance (testing products for their weaknesses), moved to application development (software programming), and now works in IT client support. He handles requests and problems from clients running ComputerTalk software and resolves these issues as fast as possible. In addition to fixing software bugs, Florian also sets up the hardware for external servers. These servers allow companies to store information remotely, rather than on their own computers and laptops.

Florian is also a professor at Centennial College. Teaching computer science and networking, he brings his real-life experience to the classroom.

A Day in the Life

Never at the same customer location two days in a row, Florian’s schedule changes constantly. He can also do programming and tech support from home if he feels like it. This gives him the flexibility to teach, create and mark exams, consult with students, and research new programming methods.

Why this job rocks

  • Work with your peers: At ComputerTalk, the oldest employees are in their mid-30’s.
  • Creativity: With an in-depth knowledge of computer programming, you’re free to solve problems with any number of methods. There is no rulebook; you get to use the methods that work for you.
  • A job for life: “IT isn't disappearing. It will be more necessary than ever in the future”, Florian says. So long as there is technology in our everyday lives, there will have to be tech people who keep up with the trends to make it happen.


Florion BorsGrowing up wanting to make video games for a living, Florian completed a bachelor in computer science and software engineering at the University of Windsor. He went on to complete a masters of engineering in computer networks at Ryerson University. In university, Florian found software programming interesting and fun, and made a career out of it in several IT firms before joining ComputerTalk. Even though he’s busy juggling two jobs, he still hopes to develop a video game one day!

Speed Bumps

“Be prepared for a learning curve – there’s lots to remember when you’re programming complex software, it feels a bit like drinking from a fire hose at first”, Florian says.

Coming from high school, where you study a variety of subjects, it can be a challenge in university to learn and remember in-depth information about software languages and their variations at first. Don’t get discouraged!

Tips for Success

  • Collaborate: When starting a new project or learning a new programming language, don’t be afraid to ask for help. “Even my colleagues with PhDs need help sometimes – that’s the nature of a field that changes so fast”, Florian says.
  • Focus: Florian saw a lot of friends who had to drop out of university because they didn’t focus hard enough on their studies. “Focus and be passionate about your choices. When you’re done school, you’ll be successful if you apply yourself. There will be parties for the rest of your life”, he says.