Jason Wolkove, IT Director

Director, Communication Solutions

“It’s not enough to just understand how a technology functions. It’s about making sure that all internal teams are able to work with that technology to be productive every day."

Jason’s CareerMash

Jason leads the contact centre team at Scotiabank that creates, tests and deploys convenient telephony and eContact-related banking solutions for staff and customers.

“My team and I plan to put banking opportunities at customers’ fingertips,” Jason says. “From bank deposits to virtual meetings with financial advisers, we’re working to eliminate the old brick and mortar banking and integrate banking services into the virtual world.”

Jason’s day revolves around organizing and participating in strategic meetings on new tech solutions that improve the banking experience for customers. He has to maintain strong connections with telecommunications companies in order for Scotiabank to have access to all the new cutting-edge technologies. Apart from managing projects, Jason makes sure his team continues to learn in ways that will help advance their careers at Scotiabank.

Why This Job Rocks

Jason’s interest in technology, and his ability to learn quickly, opened a variety of job opportunities for him at Scotiabank where he began as a bank teller while finishing his degree in sociology.

“Scotiabank is a great place to grow because every day is different,” he says. “I love giving consumers the solutions to do banking on their own time and in their own way. The less reasons people have to go to the branch for their every day banking needs, the more I feel like I’m doing my job right.”


“I’ve always been interested in tech,” Jason says. “After getting my degree in sociology, I went to a private college to study web development during the dot-com boom. I thought my calling was to build websites for some of the biggest companies in the world. Although that didn’t happen, it was a good stepping-stone for starting my career in tech. I think I was at the right place, at the right time.”

  • Jason worked for three years at a Scotiabank branch holding different positions. He took a management role in international banking providing technology product support for the Caribbean and Latin American branches and contact centres for one year. He then took a senior management role for two and a half years within the same group.
  • Jason became director, Contact Centre Technologies in 2009. He helped build an organization based on Key ITIL principles for controlling processes.  He was primarily responsible for the Operations and Infrastructure support for the Contact Centres Globally.
  • Today, Jason is the director of Communication Solutions at Scotiabank and works with different teams to bring new and innovative ways of banking to consumers.

Tips for Success

  • Earn your keep! “Work hard and put the time in. You have to be able to adapt to change in any career. What you’re doing today might not be what you will be doing tomorrow.”
  • Drive your own career! “Even though your employers and co-workers will have a lot of influence on where your career will go, it is essentially your drive that dictates what you get out of your career.”
  • Learn new skills! “Information technology (IT) is not just about writing code. It’s just as important to have management, leadership and communication skills. In Scotiabank, I have taken on many different roles not only to better myself but to also become more valuable to the bank.”