Kael Buck, Account Executive

Tech Sales Wizard
Account Executive, Dell Canada

Kael worked with the department of education in New Brunswick to bring 11,000 laptops to elementary and high school students.  They wanted a way for students to use a laptop to bridge mathematics, sciences and English.  Kael was instrumental in making this happen. It was a huge sales win, but more important it showcased why his work matters.

“The more I empower school boards and universities with technology, the more they empower students,” Kael says.

Kael's CareerMash

Everybody uses technology.  Kael’s role at Dell is to bring technology to life in innovative ways that improve his customers’ lives.  He works with municipalities, utility companies and school boards to enhance their business by incorporating Dell products into what they do.  He has to understand technology and how it works in order to sell it to his clients.

“I need technology to do my job, and I use technology to help organizations get their jobs done. I bring them up to speed on Dell’s perspective on how technology can be used to more efficiently run organizations and municipalities,” Kael says.

A day in the life

“The nice thing about the job is it’s always changing. The more I put into it, the more I get out of it,” Kael says.  Kael works mostly from home, and also has the freedom and opportunity to travel across Ontario to meet with customers. He goes into the office when working on more complex projects and collaborates with internal and virtual teammates. 

“Although I always have to hit a standard, I can go about it in a million ways.  The more creative I am in getting to my sales goal, a lot of times the more successful I’m going to be. Thinking of new ways, different ways to do things, and continually changing what I do helps me be successful,” he says.  “The more I know about my client the better.”

Why this job rocks

“I do something new every day,” Kael says.  “I continue to educate myself and learn. It helps me develop as a person.  When you hit a big sales target it’s impactful, it feels good.  I enjoy the hunt.  I enjoy the success of taking down sales.”


  • Kael studied economics at Queen’s University.  After school, he landed a role as a junior analyst/research assistant at a small investment company reporting to the chief financial officer.
  • He then moved to another investment company in a similar job, but didn’t think it matched his personality.
  • Out of curiosity, he worked a week at Taco Bell.
  • Then he got a job at Dell.  He worked up from selling directly to individual clients, to small business, to the public sector mostly over the phone, and eventually landed a face-to-face sales position as an account executive.

Speed bumps

  • Expect the unexpected:  Many things come up in a big project that you would never think of.  When Kael coordinated the delivery of 11,000 laptops to the New Brunswick school board he didn’t anticipate the amount of packaging.  “Until you go through a project or experience, there will be a lot of things you learn along the way,” Kael says.
  • Meeting quotas: Sales is a competitive job and meeting that quota (sales target) can be a consistent challenge.  When your livelihood depends on meeting a target it can sometimes be challenging and stressful. 
  • Education: Always educate yourself about the newest technologies in the marketplace, better ways to understand your client, and how to be a better salesperson.

Tips for success

  • Learn sales: Become familiar with general sales by understanding the sales cycle and the basics of sales
  • Retail experience: Kael estimates that a third of the Dell sales team has worked at Future Shop.  To get your foot in the door, you need sales experience. Tech related retail is even better.
  • Be extroverted: You are out meeting new people all the time and you need to have the personality to do that.  More important, you need to love talking to people and building relationships.
  • Be confident: Confidence plays a huge role in any successful sales position. It’s what allows you to earn trust, leave an impression and seal the deal.