Kellie Scott, IT Service Management


Head, Service Management
Ministry of Government Services, Ontario

“IT is not just about code. It’s a lot more than that. I use technology to make organizations better.”

After university, Kellie got a job in the human resources department at Shoppers Drug Mart. But employees kept coming to her with tech problems (Kellie has always had a talent with computers). So eventually she just moved into the IT department. She ended up being part of a small team that built a cross-Canada network and email system for Shoppers Drug Mart. It was their first ever!


Kellie is part of the team that looks after everything technology-wise that Service Ontario uses to provide services to Ontarians. When you renew your driver’s licence or get a health card, it’s Kellie and her team who make the process run smoothly! As part of the Ministry of Government Services, Kellie and her team support – the website that is the gateway to all Ontario Government Services and Information.

A Day in the Life

Kellie leads several teams. So, her days are busy and always different. She’s in constant meetings and rarely at her desk. She oversees a hundred employees and nine IT teams across the ministry. She has to make sure these IT teams work together and there is consistency in what they do. “My job is to make things more efficient. We’re dealing with tax dollars. No place should be more efficient than the government!”

Why this Job Rocks

  • Kellie enjoys working with her staff and they socialize a lot at work.
  • She thinks it’s really important to get to know the people you work with.
  • Her group uses a concept called employee engagement rings. One of the “rings” is health and wellness where they walk at lunch (their goal is to walk 100km by the end of the year).
  • They also have potluck lunches and sports days where they play mini putt!


  • Kellie graduated with a bachelor in history and law & society from York University.
  • She worked at Shoppers Drug Mart in HR after university. Kellie became their IT person since everyone was calling her with computer problems.
  • Kellie opened her own technology consulting business. Small and mid-size companies would bring her in, to build and support their systems, and provide computer training. But she decided consulting wasn’t for her. She wanted to work with a big company because service management isn't something found at smaller companies.
  • Kellie went to work for ADP, a huge company that is an outsourcer for backoffice services like payroll, HR & Benefits, and Time & Labour Management.
  • She has been in her current position at the Ministry of Government Services since October 2010.

Speed Bumps

“I shifted gears when I went into consulting.” But Kellie realized that she didn’t want to walk in, consult, and walk out. “I wanted to build on ideas, work on those ideas, and see them put into practice.” Kellie changed career directions, and it helped her discover her ideal workplace.

Tips for Success

  • It’s not about the money. Love what you do. Make sure you like the work. “You will naturally be successful when you love what you do.”
  • What’s your style? Kellie advises people looking to enter the tech field to ask some questions: What area are you interested in? Are you interested in development where you are mostly alone building code? Or do your prefer firefighting where you troubleshoot and deal with people? Different personalities and life/job skills suit different roles in IT.