Khaled Al-Qinneh, IT Project Manager


IT Project Manager (Product Systems), Royal Bank of Canada

I get to help my project team reach their potential and work with “the best” at one of Canada’s leading banks.

Khaled's CareerMash

Khaled manages tech projects that involve new and existing products such as deposit, credit and investment products, creating/enhancing features and handling system mergers. His department is also responsible for handling all the products that can be viewed on your smartphone.

All products are set up within the bank’s tech systems so that clients have 24/7 access and all information is up to date.  Khaled coordinates projects (end results) with team members so that goals can be met on time and on budget. “My work is entirely based on the ability to successfully coordinate everyone’s role and responsibilities to best serve the project’s goals.”

A day in the life

“I am lucky to work with lots of people including fellow team members and various business and technology specialists. We work together to tackle project needs in an organized and timely way. I often juggle multiple projects at once and with several teams. When I come across a struggling team member, I try to walk them through the problem step-by-step to help them see all the available options,” Khaled says.

Working at the country’s biggest bank offers “excellent experience with the best”.

Why this job rocks

“This is a perfect career if you like tackling challenges on the go and trying to get the best out of people. This career also has a lot of growth potential. Some programs, like Business Technology Management (BTM) at Ryerson and other schools, offer interesting combinations of business and technology courses. The BTM teaches the right balance of business and technology.

I am able to help people on my project team reach their potential. My job is entirely based on the ability to coordinate everyone’s roles and responsibilities to serve the project goals. This means working through issues, resolving conflicts, and managing problems as they arise, while not compromising the project. If I encounter a team member who faces a challenge I walk them through the problem step-by-step to help them see the options available to them.”


  • In high school, Khaled met a bank executive who suggested he consider a career in the industry. He was advised to include technology in his university degree because it would give him an advantage over other graduates.
  • Khaled did some research and realized he didn’t need to choose between technology and business – he could do both.  He was accepted into Ryerson’s BTM program.
  • He graduated with bachelor of commerce degree in Business Technology Management. While at Ryerson, he also earned a certificate in project management.
  • Khaled landed a coop job as a technical systems analyst at RBC and moved into a full-time role with business specialization upon graduation

Speed Bumps

Being a project manager under 30 years of age has been tough for Khaled.  He has to work extra hard to win trust and respect.

Tips for success

  • Develop great communication skills! There is no shortage of students with excellent academic standing but there is a shortage of skilled communicators. The number one criterion employers look for in IT project managers is people skills. This is more important than grades, extracurricular activities, and course knowledge.
  • Practice: time management skills, working independently and conflict resolution are skills every project manager needs!  Practice these and you’ll be good to go.