Meghan Huras, Communications Specialist


Communications Specialist, Office of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), OpenText

"I enjoy the creativeness of my job. I tell people about the exciting projects in our own IT group here at OpenText!”

All communications about internal projects, whether via email, blog, or video, go through Meghan. She works closely with OpenText Chief Technology Officer (CTO). After meeting with the research and development and IT teams, Meghan and the CTO decided to create an internal website to capture employee ideas on how to improve OpenText on a daily basis. Think Tank was born! Any employee can post an idea, and colleagues vote on whether they like it or not. “It has really taken off. Now we are working on how to turn these ideas into actions.” Think Tank has been such a success they will roll it out to the company around the world.

Meghan's CareerMash

Megan HurasMeghan’s job at OpenText is a perfect mash up of communications and tech. “I always loved computers. I’m really good at learning new technology and software.”

She had planned to get a job in the fashion industry after university, but discovered the many opportunities in tech at an administrative job at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC). She soon became IQC’s public relations and communications person and realized she wanted to stay in the IT world.

Although a computer science degree is a good thing, Meghan doesn’t have one. But, she does have a strong grasp of technology in general. “I’m not out of my league talking to IT people who are highly technical.” Megan has a really important skill: she’s able to take that tech talk down to layman’s terms and make it easy for everyone to understand – and vice versa. Meghan’s an expert at translating business ideas to the OpenText IT team!

A Day in the Life

“I have a very different kind of job. I am a one person team which allows me to be innovative in my own way.” Meghan takes projects that she is involved in (like Think Tank) and creates a promotion/communication plan to inform and inspire people across the company. “I shed light on the exciting projects of OpenText’s own IT group.”

Tech people come to her to figure out the best ways to use state of the art tech innovations that her department develops. “A typical IT email that gets sent my way is highly technical, and that’s what they want to send out to the rest of the OpenText population.” But Meghan knows that someone in finance would read the first sentence and stop reading because either they don’t understand it or feel it’s irrelevant to them. Meghan provides pertinent information that people care about and translates it into everyday language.

Why this Job Rocks

Meghan loves the innovation all around her at OpenText. “It’s an incredibly vibrant and creative environment.” 

She is currently working on a project called “Leaderboard” where they are fusing gaming and everyday work activities—making work more fun!


  • Meghan received a BA in communications from Brock University.
  • She did a post-grad at Mohawk college in Public Relations.
  • Meghan got an admin job at a company called the Institute for Quantum Computing. She started working two days a week in communications, and soon turned it into a full time position. “Science was one of my worst subjects in school! But I learned a different way of looking at science at IQC. I knew from my experience there I could find good PR (public relations) jobs in the tech sector.”
  • She has been with OpenText as communications specialist since 2009.

Speed Bumps

Meghan thought she wanted to do PR in the world of fashion. But, after her job at IQC, she realized there were amazing opportunities in tech.

Tips for Success

  • Find your passion. Hone in on what you’re interested in. “I am a tech geek but like communications!” Combine your interests and it can lead to your ideal job.
  • Guidance is good. Find a mentor. “They can help you shape your career.” Her mentor helped keep her eyes open to possibilities and opportunities she wasn’t thinking of.
  • Be trendy. Meghan has learned to stay on top of tech trends. “There are so many ways to communicate using technology. It’s not just email anymore. It can be a lot of video and social media and it’s important to understand the technology behind these things.”