Nick Theodorou, IT Project Manager and Strategist

Business Relationship Manager, Bombardier Aerospace

“Business needs are constantly evolving. Creatively matching them with IT solutions and services in this industry is exciting. Every day is a challenge!”

Nick’s CareerMash

Nick’s job in business relationship management for Bombardier straddles two worlds and several skill sets. He is the focal point for the relationship between those who deliver tech solutions and their clients in different parts of the company. In other words, he ensures innovative technology solutions meet the needs of Bombardier Aerospace Public Affairs and Communications; Legal Services; Strategy and Business Development; and Bombardier Corporate Office to name a few.

“The business and IT departments often have different needs and strategic priorities – my job is to align them”, Nick says. He understands business realities and ensures their needs are translated to the tech teams in an efficient manner.

A Day in the Life

This job requires Nick to stay up to date on the latest trends in aerospace technology, as well as the company’s business plans. He invests a lot of time identifying business needs, to then be incorporated in the technology strategic roadmap. Nick is also responsible for successful delivery of several IT projects, ensuring that Bombardier tech teams deliver within management’s time and budget guidelines.

Nick’s days are usually spent between three client sites, all in the Montreal area. Some days can be hectic. He juggles multiple meetings between sites, while staying on top of project activities and ensuring continuity. Continuous improvement is also a big priority.

 Why this Job Rocks

  • Travel: Nick is always on the move from site to site to meet with key business and IT contacts.
  • Responsibility: Nick plays an important role in managing tech’s relationships with several departments at once. To focus on their needs and ensure satisfactory service he works closely with senior management.
  • Company: Nick feels privileged to represent and contribute to Bombardier’s reputation and success. He’s always excited after taking a walk in a plant and seeing the aircraft up close. “Just amazing…”, he says.


Nick has always been interested in business. He earned a bachelor of commerce degree from Concordia University, majoring in management information systems. His interest in IT was sparked in his first job, at CN IT operations. With some on-the-job training and a personal drive to learn more, Nick soon became a senior automation analyst – working on a company-wide scheduling application that ensures CN’s key systems are always available  and that the trains run on time. Making the jump from trains to planes, Nick joined Bombardier in 2008 and continues to love what he does!

Tips for Success

  • Flexibility: Be comfortable with frequent changes – stay organized and positive when faced with a challenge.
  • Respect: Establish relationships based on trust and respect. Treat other people as you would like to be treated.
  • Customer focus: Make every effort to anticipate needs and expectations. “This will lead to strong partnerships”, Nick says.