Prathit Bugnait, Product Design

Design Specialist, Research & Development (R&D) Group
Teledyne DALSA Inc.

“I get great satisfaction when I realize a product I designed is used all over the world.”

Prathit designed one of the fastest photo cameras in the world – Teledyne DALSA’s HS 12K. It has 12,000 pixels and shoots 90,000 images per second! An average camera shoots 20 frames per second. The HS 12K camera is used all around the world. In China, a camera similar to the HS 12K helps to service trains more efficiently. The camera is set on the tracks and takes pictures of the undercarriage as the train passes over it. It captures any mechanical problems and the trains don’t have to be taken out of service to be assessed.

Prathit's CareerMash

Prathit works in the camera development group where he designs high-speed cameras. He mashes up his electrical engineering skills with advanced photography. He designs the product from start to finish including circuitry. These cameras are used in many fields, mainly to inspect products on assembly lines. For example, the cameras check LCD (liquid crystal display) screens that go on smartphones and laptops. If a screen has a defect, the camera catches the problem, and the screen is taken off the assembly line. The family of cameras that Prathit worked on inspects 80% of all the screens in the world!

A Day in the Life

“Everyday is different depending on where I am with the design of the camera.”

When Prathit is in design mode he does research work and brainstorms with his colleagues. “The big question is how to best design this camera. This is where creativity comes in. There isn’t one obvious solution.”

Once out of core design, Prathit works with various groups at Teledyne DALSA -- production, manufacturing, marketing and sales both locally and across the globe. He consults with them to make sure the camera fits the company’s game plan. He provides information about the camera and how to use it. Once the product is ready, he interacts with customers all over the world. He has to speak to people at all hours of the day to integrate the camera into their existing systems and troubleshoot technical issues.

“In the design phase you work with a lot of different people. Teamwork, collaboration and communication are important.”  Many of these people aren’t technical and need training on how to use the product. “They may not understand all the technology but must understand how to use the product. It’s amazing to design a camera that I can hold in my hand, and have people all over the world learn to use it!”

Why this Job Rocks

Prathit gets to travel a lot. He recently went to Korea and Taiwan to ensure that the new cameras integrate smoothly into customers’ existing systems.


  • Prathit graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto in 2008.
  • He was hired by Teledyne DALSA right out of school.

Tips for Success

  • Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about something you don’t know. And then really understand the answer and learn from it.  Sometimes your question can “spark” some further creativity.
  • Find your passion! Work at something you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s designing a cool application, cameras or a bridge! “Find what you are interested in and it won’t feel like work. You will be motivated to pursue it.”