Ryan Phillips, Business Analyst

Associate Director, Market and Customer Analysis, Bell Canada

“The greatest thing about working at Bell Canada is that you can start your career in one area and end up somewhere completely different because you’re always learning new skills on the job.”

Ryan majored in urban planning and economics at Concordia University and didn’t expect to end up in a tech career. But when he got his “foot in the door” at Bell with a part-time job at a call centre, he was able to find many different opportunities in the company to get a well-rounded understanding of the telecommunications industry. 

Ryan’s Career Mash

Today, Ryan’s job as associate director of market and customer analysis consists of two parts - dealing with analyst relations and market intelligence. Ryan acts as the bridge between different departments at Bell that analyze new tech in markets that are hot.

Ryan is also responsible for keeping a close eye on what competitors are doing and coming up with new marketing tactics based on the data he collects. Ryan also analyzes consumer demand to predict where and when to launch certain products. “It’s important to understand consumer demand in order to build forecasts and understand which regions are more viable for product growth in terms of trends and buying behaviours.”

“The fun part about working in tech is that it’s an ever-changing field with new products and services coming out constantly. My job is to learn, explore, and figure out ways to leverage and create a demand for these new technologies. Working in a tech organization like Bell provides me with many opportunities to explore tech from different angles.”

A Day in the Life

Ryan starts his day by skimming through news on Bell’s competitors, which includes their new promotions, products, and prices. If he sees big discrepancies from what Bell has on the market, he instructs his teams to prepare emergency responses. Ryan works closely with product marketing, sales and call centre teams as well as the executive community. They provide a lot of data about competitor’s products that Ryan analyzes in order to make key strategic decisions.

Although he doesn’t have an IT background, Ryan has to know all the details about Bell product and technology offerings. “Technology changes all the time. You have to be able to grasp things quickly. Maybe not to the finest level of detail, but you must have a general understanding of the technology and what it does.”

Ryan’s economics background now comes in handy since there is a financial aspect to his current job responsibilities of analyzing prices and trends. “Coming from a different educational background did not make me feel less apt than others to work in tech since I picked up many skills on the job.”

Why This Job Rocks

“In this day and age people change careers quite often. At Bell Canada over the course of 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to change careers several times. The greatest thing is that you can start anywhere and end up somewhere completely different. That is pretty rare in most organizations. I had - and still have - the ability and opportunity to learn as I go.”


  • While working towards a degree in economics and urban planning at Concordia University, Ryan worked part time as a call centre agent for Bell TV.
  • After graduating, he was offered a management position at the call centre.
  • Ryan was transferred to the Business Markets team in Bell as a sales analyst.
  • Ryan is currently an associate director for Market and Customer Analysis at Bell.

Tips for Success

When asked about what helped him get his current job, Ryan said, “the main factor was showing my ability to tackle new tasks and being open-minded about change.” Some of the other success tips that Ryan gave CareerMash were:

  • Think big! While an IT background is not mandatory for a tech career, you have to be an analytical thinker and be able to learn new things quickly.
  • Go with the flow! You can’t always control what’s going to happen in life. Ryan didn’t know he would end up with so many different opportunities at Bell. “I believed in my abilities and learned many skills on the job.”
  • Keep an open mind! Trends are changing quickly and companies are looking to do more with less funding. “Remember that you might not always end up in a career you’re expecting but consider that a good thing because it will help you find what you're actually passionate about.”