Sara Ahmadian, Tech Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-founder of Seamless Planet


Sara Ahmadian, Seamless Planet

“For me, ’changing the world’ is not just a buzz phrase – you really feel empowered to do that as an engineer because you can think of something and then build it – without significant costs or obstacles”

Meet Sara Ahmadian – a change maker from Montreal, Quebec. She’s young, fabulous, inspiring and super successful in her career as a software engineer. Her latest gig is in the Silicon Valley, where she is co-founder and CEO of Seamless Planet.

What led to her success and what challenges did she face as a woman in tech? CareerMash caught up with Sara to find out.

Discover the Opportunities

If it weren’t for her parents, who both studied the field, Sara would not have picked computer science and engineering. “I think there’s a huge lack of communication and encouragement, especially in high schools, about the numerous opportunities in technology careers,” she says.

Mash Up Skills and Get Involved

After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Sara got her Master’s in Information Systems Engineering from Concordia University that combined business and tech courses. “Mixing two skill sets opens you up to more job opportunities  - like product management - which requires both business and tech,” she says. 

A major boost in Sara’s career came through getting involved. She took on an internship at SAP, a multinational software company, and became an active participant in Montreal’s startup community by going to events and meeting smart and inspiring people.

With the help of people she met at community events, Sara organized one of the biggest robotics hackathons in the world, which she considers one of her most memorable career experiences so far. “I always loved robotics and wanted to organize something cool and social to excite people about programming,” she says.

Doing all of those things got Sara to where she is today: a successful software engineer that wants to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Sara’s Best Career Advice

  • "No matter where you work, the most important factor to your success is relationships with your boss and coworkers. That’s why you should focus not only on the quality of your work, but also on fostering those relationships.”
  • “Learn how to get along with different people and be prepared for all kinds of changes, even if they’re not in your favour.”
  • "Remember: success is not about money or doing well at work or even being a great partner – it’s about being confident and happy with the person you are.”
  • "The biggest contributor to my success was the Internet. I know that sounds like a funny answer but honestly, everything that you want to learn is on the Internet for free. If you want to learn how to code you can learn it online for free."