Victor Yan, Product Support Technician

DocuCare Specialist
Xerox Canada

“I move around and interact with people. Maintaining machines is very social!”

Victor was called into action when a printer wasn’t working. The printer showed an ‘error message’ so Victor started troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is a big part of what Victor does. It’s a process of elimination to solve the problem.

The error message kept pointing to a computer part in the printer. Victor figured out it wasn’t actually a computer component. He discovered it was the print head (where ink prints on the paper). He then submitted a report to Xerox Knowledge Base (a global knowledge resource for its technicians). It turns out to be a common issue. Other Xerox technicians were replacing computer components and it wasn’t the problem! Victor’s discovery really helped his fellow technicians and the company. Now, when you look up troubleshooting tips for this problem in the Xerox Knowledge database, Victor’s name appears as the problem solver!

Victor's Snapshot

As a DocuCare specialist, Victor is in charge of maintaining the printers for a huge Xerox customer, Procter & Gamble (P&G). Victor is on site at P&G every day so when problems arise the company doesn’t have to wait for the technician to appear. He also has a supply of spare parts on hand. Result: most problems get fixed in 4 hours or less, rather than 24.

A Day in the Life

Victor faces a wide variety of challenges. One of the most common issues (other than maintaining printers) is helping users figure out how to use Xerox machines. “People expect to hit the printer icon and have it work. Sometimes it doesn’t!” Victor must keep his IT skills alive because it’s not always a paper jam. He has to understand drivers, servers, networks and printer parts. “I have to know a little about a lot of different technologies to solve these problems.” 

Why this Job Rocks

“Being an on-site specialist is a challenge and very rewarding. I like helping people.”

“There is always a new problem—with computers or programming so I’m challenged every day! IT is not about being a robot and doing the same thing over and over again. There is always something new to learn. It makes the day go by and it’s fun!”


  • Victor graduated with a diploma in graphic design from a Seneca College/York University joint program.
  • He graduated with a diploma in film and television from Toronto Film School. Victor focused on camera and lighting.
  • While at school, Victor worked at Staples/Business Depot. A recruiter offered him work at Xerox covering for people on vacation. The company soon invited him to join full time.
  • Victor has been a DocuCare specialist since 2005. He moved into working exclusively with Procter & Gamble in 2009.

Tips for success

  • Hobbies are healthy! Victor enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee. “Outside interests are important.” Victor says staying social and being active, by joining different leagues and trying different things, is good for you!
  • Tech update! Technology is always changing. “Make an effort to keep up with the changes and it will pay off. Even if it’s doing a few projects at home like building a website or setting up a printer network in your home.”