Vijay Saxena, Tech Marketing

National Marketing Manager
Graphics Communications, Xerox Canada

Vijay is a master translator who turns marketing ideas into technology solutions!

Vijay relies on his background in database design to help his customers produce unique marketing campaigns using variable information.  For example, think of a sports magazine cover with your name and face, or a personalized shopping catalogue with only the things you would like to see in it!

Vijay's CareerMash

Vijay is versed in both technology and marketing. At Xerox he blends them together. Sales teams seek his help to articulate Xerox software and publishing solutions for their customers. These customers are typically design firms, ad agencies, magazine publishers, retailers and other organizations that communicate with consumers every month or even more often, whether online or via regular mail.

Vijay explains how new software-based marketing campaigns help companies serve their consumers better and get even more consumers. Many of these campaigns are customized to the level of the individual consumer.  They can be as simple as an online store, use a database to produce dynamic personalized invoices, or even turn a collection of photos into a personal digital photobook. 

Xerox does a lot more than printers and fax machines. Many Xerox customers are small, medium and large scale printing companies that produce everything from neighbourhood fliers and restaurant menus to glossy mass circulation magazines. A key technique is variable data printing that uses software to create custom, targeted promotional messages (including text, graphics and images) on, for example, bills, statements, and invoices “I help companies that use Xerox printing services solutions realize the full potential of digital technology and stand out to their customers in unique ways,” Vijay says. 

A Day in the Life

Vijay is always on the lookout for emerging trends in technology-based marketing. “My background in IT helps me make these concepts simple to understand for everyday users, and technical enough for integrators to make it operational.” He is currently involved in several projects that use social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to help companies realize how to create brand awareness, and acquire new prospective customers. By using Xerox software, a magazine could put a reader’s own photo on the cover! This could be used to remind them to renew their subscription to the magazine (rather than a boring subscription renewal pullout.) 

Why this Job Rocks

Vijay’s job constantly interacts with many people — his team, sales reps and customers. He attends conferences and trade shows in places like Germany – for Drupa, the world’s largest printing equipment exhibition.


  • Vijay attended Kentucky State University on a football scholarship where he studied computer science.
  • Due to an injury he lost his scholarship, returned home to Montreal, and completed a bachelor of commerce in management information systems at Concordia University.
  • He worked at a Future Shop in the computer department while at Concordia. He gained lots of experience talking to non-tech people and enjoyed helping them find the right computer for their needs.
  • His first real tech job was at a programming company doing database design. He did logistical layouts for golf courses, which means he maximized the usage of all time slots in a course’s daily booking.  He figured out distance between holes and designed water hazards and sand traps, all the while making it a pleasing landscape to play in!
  • Vijay took a sales position at first with Xerox and was quickly promoted to the national marketing manager in graphic communications.

Speed Bumps

  • His first job was heavy on programming and he didn’t enjoy sitting in front of the computer all day. He’s a people person and this was a major wake-up call for him to find a job that gave him more interaction with people.

Tips for Succes

  • Networking is key. The more people you know and the more associations you are involved with, the more opportunity you potentially have. Don’t just stick with your industry. Branch out and meet people from other industries. You never know when those contacts might come in handy.
  • Be well rounded and relatable. Vijay recently went on a wine tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake. He enjoys chatting about wine to his clients. Whether your thing is yoga, golf or cooking you’ll be surprised how being able to talk on a variety of subjects can help you build and keep relationships.
  • Be open to change. Business, just like life, is cyclical.  Everything has its ups and downs.


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