Myth: Girls & tech careers don’t mix


Girls and women are certainly under-represented in tech jobs. While women are more than half the Canadian workforce, they are less than a quarter of our 700,000 tech professionals. And, it seems, the more “techie” the job, the fewer the women. We also see this in low female enrolments in hardcore tech programs like computer science and robotics.

Other fields used to have the same problem. As recently as five years ago, women were less than a third of practicing physicians and lawyers. Yet they were in the majority of university graduating classes for both professions. Inevitably, women will come to dominate these fields. Why? Young women decided to opt into these complex and demanding professions.

We believe that this is about to happen in tech. As more jobs become about leadership, collaboration – and changing the world – young women will opt in. They will also increasingly choose technical mashups in areas like life science, health care, arts and entertainment. Already, women are over 30% in many such careermash areas.