Myths & Realities

Don't believe everything you hear! Tech careers are interesting, creative, social, cool and fun. Bust these myths:
Myth: There are no jobs for artists in tech

Reality: 100% myth! Industries like gaming, music, fashion and art thrive on artists to develop designs and graphics for their websites, mobile apps, games and marketing campaigns.

Myth: It’s hard to find a job in tech

Reality: Unemployment in the digital economy is only 2.9%, while total unemployment among youth under the age of 24 is 14.5%, and 46.8% of teens and young adults are only working part-time (Statistics Canada, April 2013).

Myth: Tech jobs are only at tech companies

Reality: Canada’s digital economy employs over one million people in all sectors and industries, according to Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) monthly snapshot report (January 2013).

Myth: Video games are fun but not a career

Reality: Valued at $1.7 billion, Canada’s video gaming industry is the third largest in the world, providing approximately 16,000 jobs across the country, according to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada.

Myth: Tech jobs are underpaid

Reality: Tech pros have some of the best-paid jobs available, and it’s getting better all the time! Nearly a quarter of tech professionals now make over $82,000 per year!

Myth: Tech careers are unstable and insecure

Reality: The opposite is true. For the past five years, unemployment among tech professionals was less than half that for overall workforce.

Myth: Girls & tech careers don’t mix

Reality: Girls and women are certainly under-represented in tech jobs. Other fields like medicine and law used to have the same problem.

Myth: Tech jobs are boring and nerdy

Reality: Many tech jobs are highly technical. But that’s only one part of today’s tech career story. Canada's 700,000+ tech professionals work in every field from the arts, to energy, to human resources.