Problem Solvers - Meet The Pros

Problem-solvers set up, fix and answer everyone’s questions about technology

A tech analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Amanda Williams is just starting her career in communications and tech, but she’s already passionate about tech careers and loves inspiring other women to say yes to tech.

From her educational choices to current job as mission systems engineer at MDA Space Missions, Natalie has single-mindedly created a career path designed to achieve her dream of one day flying in outer space.

As manager of Randstad’s entire network, Tack has to be faster than a cheetah to keep glitches from crashing the network.

Akshay Kochar is a project manager at Agility Inc. - a company that developed cloud-based content management system for managing websites. He took a business and tech program in university and became employed the day after his graduation.

“I move around and interact with people. Maintaining machines is very social!”