Did you know Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis has won Emmy and Academy Awards in technical achievement for creating a groundbreaking digital barcode reader that significantly reduces film-editing time? This was all before the BlackBerry was invented!


Blackberry is a Canadian company based in Waterloo, Ontario that operates across the globe. Best known for its revolutionary BlackBerry Solution, it leads in employee satisfaction, award-winning wireless innovation, extensive philanthropy and investments in quantum computing and nanotechnology research.

The Buzz

The BlackBerry devices can become addictive; programmers and designers continually evolve what BlackBerry can do from Facebook and Twitter, to high-resolution videos, to sophisticated business tools, including Near Field Communications (NFC) and Augmented Reality integration. The BlackBerry has drawn international attention to Canada as a leader in wireless innovation, but it only begins to scratch the surface of Blackberry’s accomplishments. The latest offerings, the PlayBook tablet and the BlackBerry devices running OS7, are a big challenger in the mobile computing market.

Perks @ Work

  • Free BlackBerry devices! Every new employee gets one on their first day!
  • On-site massages, discounted gym memberships, weight management and many other services offered through our Wellness Program
  • Tuition subsidies, with proximity to University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Health benefits, investment options & travel insurance
  • Corporate Responsibility Team – leading charitable giving at Blackberry
  • Blackberry ROCKS! AKA concerts – Blackberry has sponsored events featuring bands like Van Halen, Aerosmith and U2

Hot Jobs

  • Manager, BlackBerry Email Cloud Services
  • Manager – Software Test, Collaboration and Social Networking Platform
  • Camera Developer
  • Dashboard Developer – Business Intelligence
  • Linux Specialist - BlackBerry Infrastructure Engineering

What's in it for you

BlackBerry offers a wide variety of opportunities for students and new graduates beginning while students are still in school. There are co-op opportunities, internships and entry-level positions available across a vast scope of cutting-edge career paths in business and technology.

If you like helping people out, you can further your involvement with BlackBerry after completing a co-op or internship by seizing the unique opportunity to be a campus ambassador. Campus ambassadors answer other BlackBerry-hopefuls questions. They help them master resumes and interviews, and navigate the application process. There’s a lot to be gained from being on the BlackBerry radar in this exciting and evolving industry!



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