Canadian National Railway (CN)

Did you know that any CN employee can become a certified train conductor?  


The Canadian National Railway company (CN) provides rail transportation for various goods, including petroleum and chemicals, grain and fertilizers, coal, metals and minerals, forest products, and intermodal and automotive products. CN specializes in the movement of freight – not passengers.  

Intermodal consist of freight that is packed and shipped in standardized ‘containers’ that can be easily transferred from one ‘mode’ of transportation to another (from ship to rail to truck).  While the domestic segment transports consumer products and manufactured goods across Canada, U.S., and Mexico, the international segment handles import and export container traffic, directly serving the major ports of Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montreal, Halifax, and New Orleans.

The company is valued at over $32 billion.  It’s biggest investor? Bill Gates!

CN relies on technology innovations like mobile and wireless communication to create big changes in the way it runs its organization and makes its intermodal operations more efficient and reliable.  Sound fancy? It’s all about how new technologies make the business of moving things smoother and more cutting-edge. 

The Buzz

CN is a leader in incorporating technology into transportation.  The company invested more than $100 million in information technology in 2010 alone.  Its head office is in downtown Montreal, in the heart of the city, and is home to over 850 people who work on over 100 tech projects at any time.  CN does not outsource any IT jobs.  Tech employees work in everything from technical design to mobile technologies to voice over the Internet to disaster recovery to wireless & satellite communications.

CN has over 32,000 kilometers of track, over 9,500 kilometers of fiber optic cable that run aside those tracks, and hundreds of computer networks, mobile radio networks, and telephone lines to support the flow of data.  It is the largest and longest railway in Canada.  The IT department ensures CN stays well connected and ahead of the game.

Perks @ Work

  • Location: The office is in downtown Montreal, close to shopping, restaurants, nightlife and transit
  • Unique benefits: employees get to choose their own health, dental and life benefits and have the flexibility to change plans as life evolves (family, emergencies, circumstances), something not typical in benefit packages
  • To the future: lots of retirement savings and investment options
  • President’s Awards for Excellence: one of the ways that CN recognizes high performers
  • On-site amenities: Employees can work out for free in a full-sized gym open 24 hours – with access to personal trainers and classes such as Pilates and kickboxing!  A huge cafeteria overlooks the city and day care is available to help balance your work and family life.
  • Railroad certification: CN offers a program that allows people from all areas of the company to experience the core of CN’s operations first hand – running the trains! You can become a certified conductor or locomotive engineer.

Hot Jobs

  • Business domain architect
  • Java developer
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) architect
  • Application developer/designer

What's in it for you

  • Scholarships for women in tech: CN encourages women to pursue non-traditional careers in trades, technology and operations and provides annual scholarship opportunities to women in selected community colleges and technology institutes across Canada.
  • More scholarships:  Scholarships are also awarded to Aboriginal students enrolled in a post-secondary program in Canada geared towards the transportation industry, including engineering, business, computer science, communications and technical studies. Other scholarships are available for children of CN employees.
  • Guidance: CN offers what’s called an “on-boarding program,” which means you get a work buddy in your first year to help you adjust to life at CN.  They offer customized training and feedback from management to help you reach your aspirations and achieve your goals.  There’s even a two-day camp!
  • Software training: CN provides new employees optional take-home courses on 17 different types of software used throughout the biz.


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