Did you know that the name Cisco is short for San Francisco, the city where the company was founded? The logo is a stylized version of the Golden Gate Bridge.


If you’ve ever connected to the internet using a Linksys router, you’ve used a Cisco product. Cisco helps people and businesses transform the way they work, connect and communicate through networking, video and collaboration solutions. Cisco is behind technologies such as TelePresence which creates a live, face-to-face communication experience through high definition video and allows for immersive, in person communication and collaboration with colleagues, prospects, and partners, even if they're in opposite hemispheres.

Cisco Canada has approximately 1,200 employees across Canada, half of which are in Toronto. It also has one of its global research facilities in Ottawa, Ontario. Cisco spends nearly $5.2 billion on research and development, making it one of the top R&D companies in the world.

This video shows how Cisco technology connected spectators, journalists and players in Toronto and Montreal during the Rogers Cup

Perks @ Work

  • Work-life balance:  It’s easier to work from home when it’s encouraged and you have access to the latest collaboration tools
  • Education tuition assistance
  • Fitness Subsidy

Hot Jobs

  • IT Engineer
  • Business Application Developer
  • Cloud and Data Center Marketing Analyst
  • Strategic Analyst, Customer Value Chain Management

What's in it for you

Cisco has many opportunities for both new graduates and students in various fields. Its short-term placements help to build your résumé and establish connections that potentially lead to a full time-position.  For example, The Cisco Choice Graduate Program lets you choose a career path that’s best suited to your education and goals. You get to choose the technology group and manager you want to work with, and it’s always on the lookout for bright, motivated and tech oriented people.

If you’re interested in supplementing your education and picking up some ICT skills, Cisco’s Networking Academy, may be the place for you to go. In Canada, Cisco operates over 220 academies nationally and has 18,000 students enrolled in its e-learning programs. Over 65,000 secondary and post-secondary students have graduated from the program in Canada since its inception in 1999.


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