One of the few companies where new grads, raw ambition, academic expertise, and creativity are highly sought after qualities.


With 80% of it's employees fresh out of Canada's best universities, ComputerTalk is an extremely youthful company – most are under the age of 30! With about 80 employees, ComputerTalk is a relatively small tech company and yet is one of the most successful providers of office support systems in Canada. They provide interactive voice recognition services to clients, so when you’re on the phone for assistance from companies such as 3M, The Globe and Mail, or many banks and governments, it's ComputerTalk software managing the call. ComputerTalk is also a leader in cloud technology, a process that allows companies and governments to store information externally – freeing up valuable time and memory space within offices.

Perks @ Work

  • Food: Free lunches!
  • People: Work with teams, not bosses. No strict hierarchy – take initiative and create.
  • Variety: Opportunities to expand your skills! Many engineers also work in marketing and sales.

Hot Jobs

"We seek talent. We do not fill openings."

ComputerTalk encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of young techies – pitch yourself to the company, and plant an idea that may grow into a great product. There are also great co-op opportunities for engineering students at the University of Waterloo, and the University of Toronto.

Many new hires start in quality assurance and application development, but all newcomers are trained after hire. Everyone goes through a similar training program to get a feel for the programs and hardware in a team setting. From quality assurance, new hires move on to a range of jobs, such as technical support, business analyst, or engineer.

What's in it for you?

Entry-level positions mostly involve quality assurance, where you can get a feel for the company’s software products. In quality assurance, you test products for their weaknesses – a great way to develop an eye for how to improve existing products and services. Everyone goes through a similar training program to get a feel for the programs and hardware in a team setting. From there, new hires are encouraged to pitch ideas and work together to make it happen. It's an intense “trial by fire” program, since everyone is encouraged to develop new skills and learn new roles quickly.

To start working at ComputerTalk, attitude is #1. While a top degree in engineering or science from a top university is great, candidates must first be passionate, excited, a good communicators and learner. All staff are expected to work with both customers and colleagues, so be prepared to be social!


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