McCain Foods

Starting from a single factory in Florenceville, New Brunswick in 1957, McCain Foods has grown to be the world’s largest producer of frozen French fries.  The company makes over a million pounds of fries and potato products per hour!


A family-owned Canadian business known for wholesome values, McCain distributes across Canada and to 130 countries worldwide. It is known for its numerous acquisitions, including Anchor Food Products, which turned McCain into the world’s largest appetizer company.

McCain has five divisions:

  • Foodservice – McCain supplies restaurants, fast food chains and foodservice venues with French fries, vegetables, desserts and pizzas. McDonald’s is one of many that put McCain fries onto your table.
  • Retail – These are products you find in the grocery store – everything from precut, pre-washed frozen potatoes to thin crust frozen pizzas to everyone’s favourite pizza pockets! They’ve developed a “better for you” line of products that are low in fat and sodium.
  • Day & Ross – Those potatoes don’t drive themselves to the store!  McCain owns the Day & Ross Transportation Group and its subsidiaries, initially started as one truck intended to drive potatoes around.  The company now has 80 facilities across North America and more than 4,100 owner operators and employees, making it one of the largest transportation companies in Canada.
  • McCain Produce –McCain grows and ships potatoes in more than 17 countries.  Seed production happens at the Foreston Elite Seed Pot Farm in New Brunswick’s Saint John River Valley, one of the best areas in the world to grow potatoes.
  • McCain Fertilizers – McCain grows potatoes in custom made fertilizer created with state-of-the-art ingredients and based off years of research. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island house six McCain fertilizer plants and crop protection warehouses, along with an in-house lab, greenhouse production and two company-owned seed farms. There is also a fertilizer plant and crop protection warehouse in Maine.

The Buzz

McCain has recently invested heavily in information technology.  Its global technology centre oversees and monitors McCain’s tech on an international scale.  In 2000, McCain invested $7.2 million to research and develop ways to grow tastier taters as efficiently as and sustainably as possible.  This is in part due to a decades-old commitment not to use genetically modified potatoes. Both activities are in Florenceville and contribute heavily to McCain’s 4000+ Canadian employees.  In total, McCain employs over 20,000 people working in 53 factories on six continents.

Perks @ Work

  • McCain in Motion – McCain is committed to health and wellness. Some locations have onsite fitness facilities and other health services.
  • Education – Over 2000 online courses are available to employees including English as a second language.   There are also educational assistance programs.
  • Retirement – A wide variety of investment options help employees plan for retirement.
  • Work hard, Play hard – Employees can earn additional time off on a monthly basis.
  • Travel – Some jobs, such as support technician, involve travel to places like New Zealand and across the US.

Hot Jobs

  • Engineering
  • Data Analyst at the Global Technology Centre
  • Research and development
  • Technical development
  • Support technician

What's in it for you

  • Internships and co-op placements, including at the PPTC (Potato Processing Technology Centre) where students learn about development, testing, disease prevention and more.
  • New grads - McCain recruits graduates though recruitment agencies, newspaper advisements and contact through universities and other institutions.


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