Microsoft Canada

Did you know that when Microsoft employees use test versions of their products internally, they call it “eating their own dog food?” This is just one interesting bit of lingo repurposed by the makers of Xbox.


Microsoft is a world leader in mobile devices, business technologies, video games, developer tools and operating systems thanks in part to their innovative think tanks and startup groups. The Career Directory voted the company one of the best employers for recent grads in Canada and one of the best companies to work for in general.  Microsoft Canada President Eric Gales provides high profile leadership to hire more women across the company.

The Buzz

Microsoft’s groundbreaking X-Box Kinect has been adopted in a variety of Canada’s extensive industries from health care  to the financial services. It has gone from the living room to the operating table!   The surprising uses of this technology illustrate how Microsoft welcomes unconventional thinkers.

Hot Jobs

  • Anti-Virus Researcher
  • Speech Scientist
  • Senior Gameplay Engineer
  • Online Services Directory Executive (Cloud Computing)
  • Solutions Architect

Perks @ Work

  • Work - Microsoft prides itself on innovative, inspiring and stimulating career opportunities designed to promote creativity and skill development.  Its own technology enables many employees to work at home.
  • Play - Microsoft offers subsidized sports and social clubs from photography lessons to orchestras to polo teams.  Employees also socialize by hanging out on patios after work.
  • Travel -  Many positions involve travel, sometimes at the employee’s discretion (depending on the assignment of course!)
  • Youth - Microsoft employs primarily young people, who can rise surprisingly fast to senior roles.  Wardrobe is casual: most departments permit jeans and leggings.
  • Paid volunteering - Microsoft pays employees to take time off to volunteer and has an Employee Software Donation Program to help you help your favourite cause.
  • Learn - Microsoft offers tuition subsidies and many training opportunities
  • Health - Extensive medical benefits and retirement savings programs
  • Discounts - Employees receive discounts on Microsoft software and hardware
  • Location - multiple Microsoft locations in Canada and around the world

What's in it for you

  • Scholarships - Microsft offers general, women’s and minority Scholarships, as well as scholarships for students with disabilities to undergrads in computer science and related fields.  Students must submit an application outlining their current academic standing, financial need and interest in the industry.  Check out Microsoft’s website for the most current application deadlines.  Graduate students have additional scholarship opportunities.
  • Co-op Intern Program - Provides students opportunities in a variety of ICT jobs such as Business Analyst, Technology Specialist Associate, and many more.
  • MACH - The Microsoft Academy For College Hires is a unique two-year program that helps new grads transition into a full-time career at Microsoft. It also provides networking, training and e-learning to participants.
  • Connect - Microsoft offers students virtual lounges to connect and stay up to date on the latest technological developments.



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