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Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, OpenText grew out of a University of Waterloo project to create a digital version of the Oxford Dictionary in 1991. It now employs thousands of people worldwide!


Canada’s largest software company, OpenText makes software that lets businesses manage their digital content including text documents, images, videos, sound, and websites. OpenText software works like a big, extremely smart filing cabinet and is very easy to use!

The name for this kind of software is enterprise content management (ECM): products and solutions that help organizations create, store, manage, track, secure, distribute and publish digital content. For example, if you and five classmates are working on a project,  OpenText tools can put your shared knowledge in one place so it can be updated easily from any computer. Or if a high school is doing a project on China, and another high school across the street or across the country is also doing a project on China, OpenText tools can put multimedia information in one place and make it easy for everyone to use and share! ECM makes collaboration seamless between people in the same organization whether they are in the same building or halfway around the world.

OpenText provides solutions and services for all types of industries, notably education, government and media companies. It provided content management for the Toronto G8 summit in July 2010. All the representatives from different countries could easily access and share important information.

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, OpenText serves 50 million users in 114 countries and has offices in 25 countries. It has Canadian offices in Calgary, Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Richmond Hill and Vancouver.

Perks @ Work

  • Stay onsite: OpenText's office features a café and lounge with fireplace, TV, foosball and table tennis.  Feeling sleepy?  Try the nap room. Feeling social?  Why not take advantage of the outdoor patio & barbecue!
  • Stay healthy: Fitness membership and wellness reimbursements are available, not to mention an onsite massage room with regular visits from a registered massage therapist! Like sports? Join one of many sports teams. 
  • Stay smart: OpenText provides subsidies for tuition and professional accreditation. A mentorship program lets you learn from colleagues and help your colleagues learn.
  • Stay true to your style: OpenText welcomes casual dress, so you don't have to suit up every Monday (unless you want to of course!).
  • Stay connected: Employees are rewarded for referring qualified friends for jobs at OpenText.
  • Stay flexible:  Flexible working hours help you maintain your work/life balance.

Hot Jobs 

  • Software developer
  • User experience designer
  • Enterprise infrastructure services consultant
  • Technical support representative

What’s in it for you?

In 2010, OpenText was named one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People by  

OpenText offers co-op work terms in a [wide range of areas] such as corporate and product marketing, customer service, research and development, and professional services. Although OpenText is a tech company, its co-op placements aren’t limited to just those with engineering and programming skills; there are also many opportunities for non-techie students. To learn more about the co-op experience, visit the OpenText student Facebook page!

In addition to providing students with valuable professional experiences, OpenText stresses community and collaboration with its open concept workspaces and numerous company sponsored events and activities. There is also a co-op student social committee that plans student-only events.


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