Ryerson Digital Media Zone (DMZ)

In a little over a year, the DMZ has seen more than 55 projects start-up and accelerate their business in Ryerson’s innovation incubator. That translates to more than 200 jobs created! Already, four companies have outgrown the space and have moved on to lease their own.


Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone (DMZ) is a vibrant and collaborative space where students, alumni, and other growing companies turn their innovations into market-ready products. At the same time, it provides a place where industry can turn for digital solutions to real-world, real-time problems.

Students or graduates of any university can apply to join the DMZ – all you need is an idea and a business plan. Ryerson then supplies a shared workspace with other start-ups, giving them the benefit of collaborative work environment where the exchange of ideas is encouraged, and removes some common barriers to early success, such as the prohibitive costs of office space and resources. The DMZ also goes out of its way to provide business plan counseling, mentoring, workshops, networking and industry showcases.

Perks @ work

  • Jump start your company among your peers, with little to no start-up costs
  • Showcase your talent to major industry players
  • Enjoy all the action of working in the heart of downtown Toronto!

What’s in it for you?

Make your mark on the tech world! To start, you’ll need to have a unique idea, which has commercial or social value. You will also need to be able to show that you have gone through some business planning towards realizing your goal. When you’re ready, book a consultation online. This will set up a meeting with industry experts, faculty, peers and mentors to get great advice on your idea and help prepare for your presentation to the Zone Steering Committee.

The most important part is your pitch to the Zone Steering Committee. Include what you want to accomplish, your space and equipment needs and how long you'll be in the Zone. They will ask what you can offer the Zone in terms of sharing knowledge and networks.

Once you’re in, you’ll be introduced to the space and people at the zone in a thorough orientation session. There will also be reviews of your progress every term, so make sure you set realistic goals and work hard!



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