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Did you know Xerox is the first Fortune 500 company to choose two female CEOs in a row to lead its worldwide organization!


Xerox invented and established the science & technology of xerography (a dry photocopying technique) and established the Xerographic market. Today this technology is used in photocopy machines, laser printers, and digital presses. Many people think of Xerox as a maker of photocopiers. In fact it’s so much more!  Xerox invented the mouse, Graphical User Interface that you see on your IPODs, and so much more!

Xerox provides solutions that look at people, processes and technology to help their customers do great work. Xerox provides leading-edge document technology, services, software and supplies for production and office environments of any size. 

With over 4,000 professionals in Canada (and 136,000 worldwide) Xerox is the world’s largest document-oriented technology and solutions company. It helps organizations manage the complexities of document management and makes supporting technologies like printers, multifunction devices, production publishing systems, managed print services, and related software.

Xerox has five cutting-edge research labs around the world including the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) in Mississauga. XRCC researchers originate from over 35 different countries!  Among the technologies invented at XRCC is Solid Ink technology. Solid Ink is a proven color printing technology only offered by Xerox. A solid ink printer or multifunction printer uses solid sticks (or blocks) of no-mess, non-toxic ink instead of plastic cartridges that contain toner or ink. Solid ink looks like a giant crayon. It is easy to use, produces incredible color print quality, is cost-effective and is very good for the environment.

The Buzz

Everything at Xerox relies on IT. Since its invention of xerography in 1938, Xerox incorporated IT into its products.  As it moved into the future, IT impacted more than just Xerox products. It also became part of the company’s services offerings. For example, ACS (Affiliated Computer Services), a Xerox company, developed a solution that monitors traffic lights in Brampton, Ontario. The solution tickets vehicles that run red lights. Result: better law enforcement and a safer community.

Hot Jobs

  • Business systems analyst
  • Workflow solutions consultant
  • Software applications engineer
  • IT delivery analyst

Perks @ Work

  • Benefits: RRSP, pension and health benefits plans. A comprehensive wellness program that fosters healthy work/life balance.
  • Keep learning: Generous tuition subsidies courses as well as in-house and online training programs.
  • Family friendly: Maternity leave top-up benefits for new mothers and adoptive parents, onsite daycare.
  • Give back: “A Day of Sharing” and Xerox employee initiated philanthropy programs provide paid time off for volunteering.
  • The real deal:  Employee perks like the special discounts on employee products,  and discounts at the Apple Store! Good discounts on hotels, car rentals, fitness clubs and cell phones. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Are you a new graduate? Xerox will give you the support, resources and responsibilities to grow and achieve your highest potential! Xerox co-op program opportunities include jobs at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada in chemical engineering, chemistry and physics. The Centre has provided over 950 learning opportunities to university/college co-ops since 1976!  Xerox also provides coop opportunities in the Marketing areas and soon in IT.
  • Green scheme: Xerox is dedicated to the environment. It is involved in many green initiatives such as climate protection, protecting biodiversity and the world’s forests, preserving clean air and water, and conserving waste. As early as 1969, Xerox became a sustainability pioneer by introducing the two-sided copier and helping charter the Energy Star program!
  • At Xerox, you can explore various different roles, build your skills, meet new people and make new friends! Xerox encourages its employees to have fun and engage in social activities with their coworkers, such as baseball games, barbeques, etc. You get to work with some of the brightest people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. You’ll have the opportunity to take your career in the direction that you want. 


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