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Brett Sverkas and Andy Schonberger are the brains behind one of the most energy efficient buildings in North America - The Earth Rangers Centre of Sustainable Technology in Woodbridge Ontario. Brett and Andy mash their shared passion for the environment with technology. Both specialize in a division of mechanical engineering focused on sustainability – which is to help preserve the environment through technology and engineering. Read their profiles.


Adrian Bulzacki mashes up electronic engineering and computer science to develop new ways to capitalize on interactive, 3D displays. He has a number of innovations but is especially proud of one – the world’s only frameless multi-touch screen. Founder of his own company, ARB Labs Inc., Adrian believes there won’t be a competitor for this product for several years to come, which gives him a huge opportunity to launch a marketplace winner. Read his profile.



April Blaylock is a rock star robotics engineer at Waterloo's Aeryon Labs which designs aerial vehicles like unmanned drones for police, military and civilian applications. April programs robots with capabilities like taking down drug lords in Central America and supporting rebel forces missions in Libya. Read her profile.


Chris Barless mashes up radio and television arts with tech for his web developer role at Pilot Intereactive. Chris programs intricate codes to get computers to do the behind the scenes stuff that allow designs to do nifty things. “If you can dream it, you can do it. The Internet has made a lot of billionaires out of dreamers.” Read his profile.


Nicole Chung mashes art with technology to make interactive games and websites. Nicole was the lead developer for an amazing simulation called Inside the Haiti Earthquake, a 3D-like “choose your own adventure” virtual experience. Read her profile.


Tegan Mierle is a graphic designer and programmer. A co-founder of digital agency, Pilot Interactive, Tegan says, “It’s exciting being a girl in technology because there aren't a lot of women. When people learn you’re a programmer, it’s something new and exciting to them.” Read her profile.


Vincent Cheung is mashed up computer science, photography and visual design to create his own business. His Shape Collage photo app has sold millions of downloads "It's really rewarding to know that something you created is used by millions of people every day," he says. Read his profile.


Chrislyn Tziortzis mashes up tech and communications as a senior media specialist at the Ministry of Government Services. She helps develop websites, graphics, and videos designed to communicate government services more creatively. She says, People in IT aren’t nerds. Some people outside of IT think that it means fixing computers. Today, IT is all about interaction.” Read her profile.


Paul Baranowski mashes up journalism and tech to promote social change. He is the former chief technology officer at Sourcefabric, a non-profit that provides free access to the digital software tools organizations need to launch newspapers, community radio or web magazines. Read his profile.


Room For Thought: Metric's Emily Haines teamed up with AMEX to provide mentorship to one lucky music savvy innovator, Andrew Huang. He created a seamless installation of individual instrumental videos recorded around the world, to win the Room For Thought prize. Watch the video.