3D Animation, Art and Design

Advanced Diploma
School of Media Studies & Information Technology
Humber College


Humber’s 3D animation training program helps equip you for a career in the 3D field, which requires strong art and animation skills, as well as a solid familiarity with the latest in computer animation technologies. You will not only work with the same technology that is used in the industry, you will learn the essential aspects of storytelling and design to turn creative thoughts into compelling images, using them to effectively communicate an idea.

The 3D Animation, Art and Design advanced diploma program offers a unique blend of digital and analog art skills, as well as an understanding of the creative and technical processes involved. Students observe and acquire solid art principles along with storytelling and design skills. They’ll learn to draw, visualize and effectively apply colour principles. With the mastery of texture mapping and animation, students translate traditional art and design skills into the modelling of characters, objects, scenes, and virtual worlds. Skills in cinematography are also established and developed so that story continuity and believability become the hallmarks of student productions.

If you thought animation was about moving objects and characters, by taking this program, you will soon discover that being an animator is really about moving your audience to the point that they become completely engaged in the story you are telling.