Business Administration with Certificate in Business Technology Management

Bachelor of Business Administration with Certificate in Business Technology Management,
Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University (SFU) – Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey

The BTM Certificate is a specialized program within the SFU BBA. To get it, you take nine required courses, about one-quarter of the 4-year total.


With campuses in downtown Vancouver and atop Burnaby Mountain, the Beedie School of Business (BSB) BTM Certificate offers the West Coast scene, an SFU-based global case competition, and an in-house incubator for budding entrepreneurs.

The 9 courses that get you the Certificate take you right into today’s tech world:

Introduction to the internet and World Wide Web - or - Human-computer interaction & cognition

  • Understanding technological innovation
  • Project management
  • Business process analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Data management & information systems audit
  • Web-enabled business
  • Managing information technology for business value
  • Leadership

Surrounding all this is a classic business education that covers economics, accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, human resource management, strategy, and business ethics.

The program provides access to two unique activities headquartered at SFU:

  • CaseIT is an annual international undergraduate, student-run business case competition with a strong focus on BTM type challenges. It provides opportunities to apply skills and knowledge from the classroom to real-life business situations through strategic analysis and presentations. You hook up with other students, university faculty, and industry professionals from around the world. And who knows, you might even win a prize!
  • VentureLabs is an incubator for startups by SFU students and recent grads. It provides office space, networking and mentors for 3 phases of a new business: idea (including forming your team and initial market assessment), concept (early tech development and sales planning), and business (ongoing operations & financing).

The SFU BTM Certificate program boasts a blue-chip advisory board with executives from leading west coast employers like Accenture, Bell, Cisco, Deloitte, VanCity, BC Hydro, Electronic Arts, Sierra Wireless and the BC Government – among others. Members will offer co-ops and internships, participate in competitions and conferences, and help graduates get jobs.

“If you are creative and interested in idea cultivation, looking to hone your professional people skills, or interested to learn how to manage projects - the BTM certificate focuses both on the hard & soft skills and on both the ‘left’ & ‘right’ brain. There's something for everyone to thrive on.” - Gordon Swenson, 3rd year student.

Fun Facts

The Macleans annual survey ranked SFU the number 1 comprehensive university in both 2009 and 2010. In the 2010 round SFU came first, second or third on key criteria like student awards, student/faculty ratio, faculty awards, research grants, operating budget, student services, and overall reputation.