Bachelor of Business Technology Management

Technology is becoming integral to our everyday lives, and the business world is no exception. Laurier Brantford’s new Bachelor of Business Technology Management will prepare students for a growing area in today’s workforce. Graduates will understand how various technologies work, the value that they bring to a particular organization and how they can best be integrated into existing systems. They will also have the ability to seek out and assess new technologies in creating business solutions.

Business Technology Management is becoming such a growing field, the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s Information and Communication Technologies was founded to address the significant need in the workplace for employees who have both business and technology knowledge and skills. One of the coalition’s initiatives is promotion of the Business Technology Management undergraduate university professional program where graduates with the requisite knowledge and skills base will receive a professional accreditation from CCICT. In response, students will graduate from this program with an undergraduate degree in Business Technology Management and will, with appropriate work experience, receive the BTM accreditation.

Success in business requires an understanding of how a particular organization fits into the larger context of society, and the impact that an organization has on society as well as the impact that society has on organizational life. Combining the program with Laurier Brantford’s strong liberal arts foundation and leadership courses will allow BTM graduates to fully understand the world around them.