Broadcast Engineering Technology

Diploma, School of Media Studies
Loyalist College


This new, one-of-a-kind program was designed with input from the industry, based on today’s requirements and their expectations of future directions.

Every radio and television broadcasting or satellite distribution system runs on complex systems – hardware and software – creating a high demand for skilled engineering expertise.
Many broadcast engineers are retiring now and in the next several years, creating a great need for new graduates who are trained on the latest systems.
Two work placements of 4 and 8 weeks provide students with real-life experience and job contacts.
This program is fully accredited by the Society of Broadcast Engineers in the United States.

The demand for broadcast engineers is growing daily and fully qualified graduates are not currently available. Positions in radio and television broadcast facilities, cable television opera­tions, specialty channels, post-production facilities, audiovisual systems, satellite distribution systems and equipments manu­facturers’ technical field support are available and will continue to grow. Graduates will find work as installation and service technologists, systems integration engineers and field service technologists.

The program will train graduates in the hard and soft skills that are required by every employer. Graduates will learn how to design, build and manage broadcast systems, facilities and IT networks. Troubleshooting broadcast equipment to compo­nent level, performing routine and preventative maintenance of computer systems and networks, and performing mainte­nance on all broadcast transmission systems will be within the ­graduate’s abilities.

The program is roughly divided into three areas of concentra­tion: electronics, IT and dedicated broadcast systems.Graduates will learn to be responsive to production needs and deadlines, will be flexible and adaptable, and will be team play­ers yet also able to work independently. Time management, risk management and technical and non-technical communication skills are also learned.